Super Mario Happy Meal toys back this summer?

Super Mario Happy Meal toys back this summer?

A few months ago we could all collect Super Mario toys at McDonalds. Would the Super Mario Happy Meal come back this summer?

This summer there will be Super Mario toys to collect at McDonalds, in every case in the UK. It would be the fourth time that Mario is available in a Happy Meal box.

What do we know about Super Mario Happy Meal?

There are three different designs planned for the boxes. These are based on Mario, Luigi and Yoshi. There will also be puzzles on the box and various objects that can be pushed out of the box. Of the toys themselves there would be ten different ones to collect. Also these games would be, each containing an iconic Super Mario character or world.

In the UK, this action starts on 13 June and would last until 24 July.

Would these Happy Meals also come to the Netherlands and Belgium? What do you think?