Super Sonic was planned for Sonic Movie, but made no sense yet

Super Sonic was planned for Sonic Movie, but made no sense yet

Did you already go out of your way to watch the Sonic the Hedgehog movie in theaters? Wished it was a little more super?

It turns out the movie could have been at one point of its creation! During an interview with Comicbook the film’s director Jeff Fowler revealed that his team did consider having Super Sonic appear in earlier versions of the script.

In due time

However, they eventually shelved the idea because it was a little too early to do so – and that focusing on Sonic and Eggman’s character development was more crucial:

It didn’t make sense to obviously bring in the Super Sonic thing just yet…I mean, there were very early versions of the script and the outlines where… because we knew that’s something that’s very important in the fan mythology, or the mythology that fans love. And Chaos Emeralds are definitely a huge part, even going back to the first game in ’91, and it was definitely something that we were kind of trying to see. Like,

Does it make sense to include one of these?

But again, just going back to what I said about the simplicity of it and just for the sake of just really starting from the simplest version and not trying to do too much, it just felt like, “Let’s just… let’s do the origins as Sonic and Robotnik and try to nail those characters before we potentially would open it up to some of these elements from the games that fans know and love.

A hit means a sequel

Judging from the film’s huge success during its opening weekend, it’s certainly hard to disagree with Fowler’s approach here. We’ll just have to wait and see if Super Sonic and the Chaos Emeralds eventually pop up in possible sequels!