Tomb Raider playable through Homebrew

Tomb Raider playable through Homebrew

A new development has taken place in the Nintendo Switch homebrew community. OpenLara, the engine that powers the  Tomb Raider games , has been ported to Nintendo Switch.

This means homebrew users will be able to enjoy Tomb Raider on the go.


Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

What makes things cool is the engine has been actually customized for Nintendo Switch specifically.

With OpenLara, players can enjoy Tomb Raider in full screen with improved graphics, split-screen co-op (playable with split Joy-Con), and touchscreen controls.

While it does require a hacked Nintendo Switch, which we are not helping you obtain or setup, it is once again nice to see what the homebrew community has accomplished.

Are you going to give this a go or are you hoping that a Legacy Tomb Raider compilation will be coming to the Nintendo Switch?