Ubisoft shares lineup for E3 2018

Ubisoft shares lineup for E3 2018

Discover the games that will be shown anyway!

Ubisoft has announced its plans for E3 and is already hiding the veil. For example, the Ubisoft press conference will consist of various parts. In addition to the main event, the French company offers a pre- and postshow.

Ubisoft @ E3

The preshow will be 45 minutes earlier than the main event and focuses on building up the tension to the main presentation. The post-show, on the other hand, will focus on a specific game that will be further highlighted. Beyond Good & Evil 2, perhaps?

The French company also announced that a number of games will be shown anyway. In addition to the games below, surprises will also occur.
Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

Beyond Good & Evil 2
For Honor
Skull & Bones
Starlink: Battle for Atlas

For those who only have a Nintendo Switch, you can look out for Starlink: Battle for Atlas that has to appear this autumn. Perhaps more Switch games will be shown during the main presentation, another Nintendo crossover may be announced and Beyond Good & Evil 2 will receive a confirmation for the hybrid console.

Put an end to speculation and let E3 2018 start soon!