WayForward about animated Shantae series

WayForward about animated Shantae series

In a recent interview with ComicBook, Shantae creator Matt Bozon revealed that Erin Bozon is currently exploring the idea of an animated Shantae series.

You may remember the team made headlines when they went with renowned animation studio Studio Trigger to create the introduction for Shantae and the Seven Sirens which is coming to consoles on 28th May.

Animated series in the works?

With development on Shantae and the Seven Sirens now complete, what’s next for you? 

I’m taking a breather by helping out with a few other projects where I can while we prepare for the next big thing. Erin really wants to keep exploring Shantae as an animated series, and I’m all for that, too. After that Studio TRIGGER intro it feels like it’s closer than ever.

Why doesn’t the cartoon keep playing? Why does it end?

Would you like Shantae venture into a full fledged animated series?