Wonder Festival 2020 Autumn – Canceled

Wonder Festival 2020 Autumn – Canceled

The organizers of the Wonder Festival convention announced that Wonder Festival 2020 Autumn has been cancelled. The cause of course is COVID-19.

About Wonder Festival 2020 Autumn

Wonder Festival 2020 Fall was going to be an event held on November 1, 2020. It would have featured many toy and figurine makers, such as Good Smile Company, showing off their latest products featuring video game IP.

While the expo normally takes place during the summer and winter, Wonder Festival 2020 Summer was delayed earlier this year due to the global pandemic. Instead of canceling, it was rescheduled to November 1, 2020 as “Wonder Festival 2020 Autumn”. However, with the announcement today, the autumn event has been officially canceled.

The official website shared an update for the schedules of both Wonder Festival 2020 Autumn and Wonder Festival 2021 Winter. For the 2020 Autumn event, it was canceled after event organizers deemed it would be far too difficult to guarantee the safety of all attendees and exhibitors.

The next event, Wonder Festival 2021 Winter, is still on track for February 7, 2021.