2D Open World Adventure Jack Axe announced

2D Open World Adventure Jack Axe announced

Filipino indie developer Keybol Games and publisher Another Indie released a teaser trailer for Jack Axe.

Co-developed by Keybol Games and Mike Studios, Jack Axe is a 2D side-scrolling action-adventure platformer coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2019.

A word from the developers

According to the developers, the game takes place “in a vibrant open world inspired by Filipino and Norse mythology.

 You can also go on an open world adventure exploring and solving puzzles in a 2D landscape. In addition, Jack Axe can be played solo or in multiplayer coop mode while controlling Jack and her sisters.Another Indie co-founder Iain Garner also expresses confidence on the game being on par quality-wise with Celeste and Super Meat Boy.“(Everyone at Another Indie) played it, we started using the axe mechanic, whizzing around, bouncing off walls; the end result was like, ‘this game is up there,’ which you know is an absolute testament to Bari’s ingenuity,” Garner said. “We’re big fans of Super Meat Boy and Celeste, and we think Jack Axe has the same level of quality.


About Jack Axe

Be Jack! Get an axe! Take Jack (and her sisters) on an axe tossing, single or multiplayer, platforming adventure in a vibrant open world inspired by Filipino and Norse mythology.

Her name is Jack. She has an axe. She is Jack Axe.

Join the Jack sisters in a single or multiplayer, 2D open world adventure! Take on a variety of platforming challenges and utilize your axe tossing ability to explore Jack’s unique world. Witness the saga of a young woman breaking taboo by arming herself and taking on a “man’s job,” despite the protestations of an irate god in this Norse/Filipino fusion.

Jack’s Facts

  • Explore a Norse-Filipino Fantasy Fusion.
  • Take Girl Power To The Next Level (And The Level After That) With Axe Tossing Goodness.
  • Use Jack’s Axe To Perform Incredible Platforming Feats.
  • Play With Up To Four Players In a Campaign and Party Modes.
  • Enjoy a story written by Bari and Melai Silvestre and their 3 imaginative daughters.
  • Prove That Girls Do It Better.