5 minutes of Digimon Survive footage

5 minutes of Digimon Survive footage

More footage of Digimon Survive!

During the Digimon Thanskgiving 2018 Special Meeting & Latest Game Newsflash, more was shown of Digimon Survive.


In addition to the debut trailer, which you could have watched here earlier (https://www.nintendoreporters.com/en/news/nintendoswitch/digimon-survive-trailer/), they also showed a few minutes of gameplay.

About Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive will be a Survival SRPG that combines 2D and 3D in many different genres. Conversations go through 2D images, the player will have different choices that influence the continuation of your adventure.

Are you already looking forward to start playing with the Digimon again?