Attack on Titan 2 accolades trailer

Attack on Titan 2 accolades trailer

Attack on Titan 2 has already been released and the game has also received its own accolades trailer. Here the reactions to the game pass from different mediums.

The story of the game follows the second season of the anime, but also contains original stories under the supervision of the writer and illustrator of the manga, Hajime Isayama. Players can create their own character who joins the Scout Regiment with the rest of the cast.

About Attack on Titan 2

The story mode covers the first two seasons of the anime and takes place from the point of view of your own character. The player is instructed to defeat the infamous titans in large, open areas. The story mode can be played completely in co-op.

Accolades Trailer – Attack on Titan 2 


If Attack on Titan 2 appeals to you, you can now purchase the title for the Nintendo Switch.