Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition: Exclusive Switch Physical Release

Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition: Exclusive Switch Physical Release


The 20th Anniversary Edition of Beyond Good & Evil is a significant event for fans of this classic game. Limited Run Games has announced an exclusive physical release for the Nintendo Switch, allowing players to own a tangible piece of gaming history. Pre-orders begin on July 12, 2024, at 10 AM EDT, with the standard edition priced at $34.99 USD. Additionally, a Collector’s Edition bundle is available for $124.99 USD, featuring a variety of exclusive items such as an Art Book, Double-Sided Poster, and Hovercraft Statuette.

This release not only celebrates the game’s legacy but also caters to both new players and long-time fans, offering enhanced graphics, gameplay improvements, and collectible memorabilia. The physical edition appeals to collectors and enthusiasts who value the nostalgia and uniqueness of owning a hard copy. Limited Run Games, known for their exclusive releases, continues to contribute significantly to the gaming community with this highly anticipated launch.

Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition Physical

The 20th Anniversary Edition of Beyond Good & Evil marks a milestone for one of the most beloved cult classics in gaming history. Originally released in 2003, Beyond Good & Evil has captivated players with its unique storytelling, immersive gameplay, and distinctive art style. As we celebrate two decades of this iconic game, Limited Run Games brings fans an exclusive opportunity to own a physical copy for the Nintendo Switch. This release not only pays homage to the original but also introduces the game to a new generation of players, ensuring its legacy endures.

Overview of the Original Beyond Good & Evil Game

Beyond Good & Evil, developed by Ubisoft, is an action-adventure game that has garnered a dedicated following over the years. The game follows the story of Jade, a photojournalist, who uncovers a sinister conspiracy threatening her planet, Hillys. Known for its compelling narrative, rich characters, and innovative gameplay mechanics, Beyond Good & Evil has earned critical acclaim and a place in the hearts of many gamers. The game’s blend of action, puzzle-solving, and exploration, combined with its memorable soundtrack, makes it a timeless classic worth revisiting.

Importance of the 20th Anniversary Edition

The 20th Anniversary Edition is more than just a re-release; it is a celebration of Beyond Good & Evil’s enduring impact on the gaming community. This edition brings enhanced graphics, improved gameplay mechanics, and additional content that enriches the original experience. For long-time fans, it is a nostalgic journey back to Hillys, while for new players, it is an opportunity to experience a game that has significantly influenced the action-adventure genre. The anniversary edition reaffirms the game’s status as a must-play title and highlights its relevance in today’s gaming landscape.

Details of the Switch Physical Release

The physical release of Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition for the Nintendo Switch is set to open for pre-orders on July 12, 2024, at 10 AM EDT. The standard edition is priced at $34.99 USD, making it an affordable option for both new and returning players. This price point reflects the value of owning a physical copy of a game that has stood the test of time and continues to be cherished by many.

Pre-Order Information

Pre-orders for the 20th Anniversary Edition will be available exclusively through Limited Run Games. Given the publisher’s reputation for producing high-quality, limited-quantity physical releases, it is advisable to secure a copy as soon as pre-orders open. This ensures that fans do not miss out on the opportunity to own this special edition. The pre-order process is straightforward, with detailed instructions provided on the Limited Run Games website, ensuring a seamless experience for customers.

Collector’s Edition Bundle

For avid collectors and die-hard fans, the $124.99 USD Collector’s Edition bundle offers an array of exclusive items. This bundle includes an Art Book that delves into the game’s artistic development, a Double-Sided Poster featuring iconic imagery, and Photo Art Prints that capture memorable moments from the game. Additionally, it contains a Camera Keychain, a Hovercraft Statuette, and a Metal Pin, each meticulously crafted to celebrate the game’s legacy. These items are not only visually appealing but also serve as tangible reminders of the game’s impact and significance.

Benefits of the Collector’s Edition

The Collector’s Edition bundle is a treasure trove for fans who appreciate the artistry and history of Beyond Good & Evil. The included items provide deeper insights into the game’s development and artistic direction, enhancing the overall appreciation for the game. The Hovercraft Statuette, for instance, is a beautifully detailed piece that captures one of the game’s most iconic vehicles, while the Art Book offers a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process. Owning this edition is a way to celebrate the game’s 20-year journey and its lasting influence on the gaming industry.

Features of the 20th Anniversary Edition

The 20th Anniversary Edition boasts enhanced graphics that bring the world of Hillys to life in stunning detail. The visual upgrades include improved textures, lighting, and character models, making the game more immersive than ever before. Additionally, the gameplay mechanics have been refined to provide a smoother and more responsive experience. These enhancements ensure that both new and returning players can enjoy the game in its best possible form, preserving the original’s charm while elevating its presentation.

Additional Content and Extras

In addition to the graphical and gameplay improvements, the 20th Anniversary Edition includes extra content that enriches the overall experience. Players can look forward to new missions, challenges, and collectibles that add depth and variety to the game. This additional content not only extends the playtime but also provides new ways to engage with the world of Beyond Good & Evil. For fans who have played the original, these extras offer fresh experiences and reasons to revisit the game, while new players can enjoy an even more robust adventure.

How to Pre-Order Beyond Good & Evil on Switch

Pre-ordering Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition on Switch is a simple process. Interested buyers can visit the Limited Run Games website on July 12, 2024, at 10 AM EDT, when pre-orders officially open. The website will provide clear instructions and options for both the standard and Collector’s Edition bundles. It is important to act quickly, as Limited Run Games releases are known for selling out rapidly due to their limited quantities. Ensure you have your payment details ready and follow the prompts to secure your copy of this highly anticipated release.

Why Choose the Physical Edition?

Owning a physical copy of Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition is more than just having a game; it is about holding a piece of gaming history. For many fans, the nostalgia associated with physical media is unmatched. The tactile sensation of unboxing, the artwork, and the included memorabilia all contribute to a unique and fulfilling experience. Collecting physical editions is a way to preserve the past and celebrate the artistry and craftsmanship that go into creating these special releases.

Comparison to Digital Editions

While digital editions offer convenience, they lack the tangible aspects that make physical copies special. A physical edition provides a sense of ownership and permanence that digital versions cannot replicate. The inclusion of physical extras in the Collector’s Edition adds further value, making it a more rewarding choice for fans and collectors. Additionally, physical copies can be displayed, shared, and even appreciated as part of a larger collection, making them a more immersive and engaging option for enthusiasts.

Limited Run Games and Their Role

Limited Run Games is a publisher renowned for producing high-quality physical editions of beloved games. Their commitment to preserving gaming history through limited-quantity releases has made them a trusted name among collectors. By partnering with Ubisoft to release Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition, Limited Run Games continues to uphold its mission of celebrating and preserving classic games. Their attention to detail and dedication to quality ensure that each release is a tribute to the original, providing fans with a premium experience.

Fan Reactions and Expectations

The announcement of Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition has generated excitement and anticipation within the gaming community. Fans of the original game are eager to relive their adventures on Hillys, while new players are curious to experience what makes this game a cult classic. Early reactions to the enhanced graphics and additional content have been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their intent to pre-order as soon as possible. The Collector’s Edition, in particular, has garnered attention for its exclusive items and overall value.

Impact on the Gaming Community

The release of Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition is a significant event for the gaming community. It highlights the enduring appeal of classic games and the importance of preserving them for future generations. This edition serves as a reminder of the creativity and innovation that defined early 2000s gaming, inspiring both developers and players. The collaboration between Ubisoft and Limited Run Games also showcases the potential for partnerships that celebrate and honor gaming history, setting a precedent for future releases.


The 20th Anniversary Edition of Beyond Good & Evil is a testament to the game’s lasting legacy and impact on the gaming industry. With its enhanced graphics, additional content, and exclusive Collector’s Edition items, this release offers something for both long-time fans and new players. Limited Run Games has once again delivered a high-quality physical edition that celebrates a beloved classic, ensuring that Beyond Good & Evil continues to be enjoyed for years to come. Pre-order your copy on July 12, 2024, and join the celebration of this iconic game.

  • What is the release date for Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition?
    • The release date for pre-orders is July 12, 2024, at 10 AM EDT.
  • How much does the standard edition of Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition cost?
    • The standard edition is priced at $34.99 USD.
  • What items are included in the Collector’s Edition bundle?
    • The Collector’s Edition bundle includes an Art Book, Double-Sided Poster, Photo Art Prints, Camera Keychain, Hovercraft Statuette, and a Metal Pin.
  • Where can I pre-order Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition?
    • Pre-orders are available exclusively through Limited Run Games’ website.
  • What enhancements are included in the 20th Anniversary Edition?
    • The 20th Anniversary Edition features enhanced graphics, improved gameplay mechanics, and additional content such as new missions and challenges.