Blizzard announces Diablo Loot Goblin Amiibo

Blizzard announces Diablo Loot Goblin Amiibo

The official Diablo Twitter account has proved that the dataminer who discovered that there would be a Diablo III: Eternal Collection amiibo was correct.

The Diablo Twitter account revealed the Diablo Loot Goblin amiibo which will be available in December.

Amiibo features

As noted where there are goblins, there is treasure to be found! Summon your own portal to untold riches with the exclusive Loot Goblin amiibo, which works only of course on Nintendo Switch.

For a closer look we included the promotional material here;

Diablo - Loog Goblin Amiibo

Are you going to purchase this little fellow for use in DiabloIII Eternal Collection or just for decoration? We would get it either way.