Bravely Default II – 1 Million in Sales

Bravely Default II – 1 Million in Sales

Square Enix announced Bravely Default II crossed a massive sales milestone as it crossed 1 million in shipments and digital sales. To celebrate the achievement, Square Enix has posted a special commemorative artwork and announced that the game will be temporarily on sale for 30% off on the Japanese eShop.

About Bravely Default II

Four heroes, four crystals – one legendary adventure!

Join the Heroes of Light on their grand quest to restore balance to the world in Bravely Default II for Nintendo Switch!

Lead your party on a journey through five kingdoms as you seek to return the Crystals to their rightful home. Use Asterisks to unlock jobs and abilities that will allow you to take on all manner of monsters, and be sure to use the Brave and Default commands to manage the delicate balance of risk and reward!