Brawlhalla a new free-to-play title

Brawlhalla a new free-to-play title

Ubisoft releases the free-to-play title Brawlhalla on the Nintendo Switch this year.

Ubisoft recently announced that they are going to release Brawlhalla on the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One. At the moment, more than 15 million players are entertained with the PC and / or PlayStation version of this game.

About Brawlhalla

In Brawlhalla, a free-to-play platform / fighting game, you can choose one of the forty unique characters. These characters have one thing in common. They are bored and want to fight. One of these fighters therefore decides to set up a tournament in which they can fight each other out. That is the whole idea behind Brawlhalla.

Besides a single player mode there is also a co-op multiplayer option in the game. We have also thought about online games. Fight in various tournaments from who is the strongest fighter. These tournaments can also be played locally.


Brawlhalla is released on November 6 for the Nintendo Switch.