Bullet hell in Overdriven Reloaded – Special Edition

Bullet hell in Overdriven Reloaded – Special Edition

Of course you want to close 2018 with a bang? Then a game where you have to deal with a real bullet hell as in Overdriven Reloaded – Special Edition is a requirement!


About Overdriven Reloaded – Special Edition

If you initially look at the trailer or screenshots then you could say that the game is very similar to Ikaruga. Which is still one of our favorite bullet hell games.

TOMAGameStudio (aka The One Man Army Game Studio) is proud to present you Overdriven Reloaded: Special Edition, the indie shoot’em up on the Nintendo Switch!

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In addition to the Story mode, in which the progression is done by finding hidden items, and to the Arcade mode in which the game is fully playable at once but with only 3 continues, the Manic mode proposes to play with a higher difficulty, without any healthbar, and a higher number of available continues. In order to achieve the 1CC coveted by the fans of the genre.

Line Mode

The Line mode offers to players the possibility to fight an enemies horde, trying to reach a line which go up progressively. If an Enemy join the line or if the line reach the top of the screen, the player lose the game. Each enemy killed will make the line to go down a bit.

Match bullets in bullet hell?!

More than fifty puzzle maps propose a Match 3 with bullets gameplay. To switch the color of the ship and of its bullets will change the color of a block when firing on it. Align 3 blocks verticaly or horizontaly will make it disapear. If a color is taken by a player, other players can’t take the same color.

So , in a cooperative game, players have to be coordinated ! It’s a very entertaining mode to play with friends !

This feature is also present at some places in the Story/Arcade/Manic modes.

Special edition features

Overdriven Reloaded, that’s:

  • 7 Game modes (Boss Rush mode is unlockable),
  • 10 Stages,
  • 3 spaceships (1 unlockable),
  • 1 Great Rock Soundtrack tailored for the game,
  • 7 challenges,
  • 4 difficulties,
  • 50 alien artifacts to find,
  • Local leaderboards for each game Mode,
  • 70 “In Game Achievements”,
  • and 10 space cows to save ! (Yes, we let players find some cows lost in the space …)
  • Overdriven Reloaded is playable up to 4 players in local co-op.

Overdriven Reloaded – Special Edition will be available in the eShop in Europe, Australia and New Zealand on December 31st. In the US, the game will become available on January 10, 2019.