Celebrating Sifu’s Sales Milestone: New Outfits Update and Anniversary Celebration

Celebrating Sifu’s Sales Milestone: New Outfits Update and Anniversary Celebration


Sloclap announces a significant milestone for Sifu, surpassing three million copies sold worldwide. This achievement is commemorated with the release of two new outfits, coinciding with the game’s two-year anniversary. Players can now embody Absolvers with Risryn’s costume and mask, reminiscent of Absolver’s final boss, along with a street-style jumpsuit, fulfilling community requests. While the update is available on most platforms, the release for Switch is pending. A trailer showcases the new outfits, amplifying excitement among players.

Celebrating Sifu’s Sales Milestone

Sloclap, the developer behind the acclaimed martial arts action game Sifu, has proudly announced a remarkable sales milestone. With over three million copies sold globally, Sifu continues to captivate players with its intense combat and immersive gameplay experience. This milestone not only signifies the game’s popularity but also reflects the dedication of the community that has supported it since its launch.

The revelation of Sifu’s sales milestone marks a significant achievement for Sloclap. Garnering widespread acclaim from both critics and players alike, the game’s success underscores its appeal and staying power in the competitive gaming industry. The announcement serves as a testament to Sloclap’s commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences.


Celebration of Two-Year Anniversary

In celebration of Sifu’s two-year anniversary, Sloclap has unveiled a special update to commemorate this milestone. The anniversary update introduces exciting new content, including two highly anticipated outfits that pay homage to the game’s rich history and fanbase. This gesture of appreciation from Sloclap demonstrates their dedication to fostering a thriving community around Sifu.

New Outfits Revealed

As part of the anniversary update, players can now access two new outfits that add fresh flair to their Sifu experience. The first outfit allows players to embody the iconic Absolvers by donning Risryn’s costume and mask, reminiscent of the formidable final boss from Sloclap’s previous title, Absolver. This nod to Absolver adds a nostalgic touch for fans while providing a new level of customization within Sifu.

The second outfit introduces a street-style jumpsuit, fulfilling a longstanding request from the Sifu community. Inspired by contemporary urban fashion, this jumpsuit reflects the diverse tastes and preferences of players, further enhancing the game’s character customization options. Both outfits serve as a testament to Sloclap’s commitment to engaging with and listening to their dedicated player base.

Risryn’s Costume and Mask

Risryn’s costume and mask stand as a tribute to Absolver, paying homage to one of Sloclap’s earlier creations. By offering players the chance to embody this iconic character, Sloclap not only celebrates their own history but also provides fans with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Absolver within the realm of Sifu. This crossover appeal adds depth to the game’s lore and fosters a sense of connection among players.

Street-Style Jumpsuit

The addition of the street-style jumpsuit caters to the diverse tastes within the Sifu community, allowing players to express themselves in new and exciting ways. Drawing inspiration from contemporary urban fashion trends, this jumpsuit offers a fresh take on character customization, empowering players to create avatars that resonate with their personal style. The inclusion of this outfit demonstrates Sloclap’s responsiveness to player feedback and their commitment to enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Player Community Engagement

The release of these new outfits exemplifies Sloclap’s dedication to engaging with and valuing their player community. By incorporating fan-requested content into the game, Sloclap demonstrates a willingness to listen and adapt to the needs and desires of their player base. This level of interaction fosters a strong sense of community and loyalty among players, as they feel heard and appreciated by the developers.

Furthermore, the free update not only celebrates the game’s success but also adds depth and customization options, enhancing the overall gaming experience. This engagement strategy not only benefits the players but also contributes to the longevity and ongoing success of Sifu as a franchise.

Moving forward, Sloclap’s commitment to player engagement sets a positive precedent for the gaming industry as a whole. By prioritizing community feedback and actively involving players in the evolution of their game, Sloclap ensures that Sifu remains relevant and enjoyable for years to come.

Community Feedback

The incorporation of fan-requested content, such as the street-style jumpsuit and Risryn’s costume and mask, underscores Sloclap’s commitment to listening to and acting upon feedback from their player community. By regularly soliciting and implementing player suggestions, Sloclap demonstrates that they view their community as active partners in the game development process. This collaborative approach not only strengthens the relationship between Sloclap and its players but also results in a more engaging and enjoyable gaming experience for all.


In conclusion, Sloclap’s announcement of Sifu reaching over three million copies sold worldwide is a testament to the game’s popularity and success. The release of two new outfits as a free update to celebrate this milestone and the game’s two-year anniversary highlights Sloclap’s dedication to engaging with and valuing their player community. Through ongoing player engagement, platform availability, and responsiveness to community feedback, Sloclap continues to solidify its reputation as a developer committed to delivering high-quality experiences that resonate with players worldwide.

  • 1. When will the new outfits be available on the Nintendo Switch?
    • Sloclap has not provided an exact release date for the update on the Nintendo Switch but has assured players that it will be coming soon.
  • 2. Are the new outfits available for free?
    • Yes, the two new outfits inspired by Risryn’s costume and mask from Absolver and a street-style jumpsuit are being released as a free update to celebrate Sifu’s sales milestone and two-year anniversary.
  • 3. How can players provide feedback or suggestions for future updates?
    • Players can share their feedback and suggestions through Sloclap’s official social media channels, forums, and community platforms. Sloclap actively monitors these channels and considers player input when planning future updates and content releases.