Code Vein Producer – Port might be possible

Code Vein Producer – Port might be possible

In an GameSpot interview, Code Vein producer Keita Iizuka dropped a quick nod towards the possibility of a Nintendo Switch port.

Gamespot interview

Namely, he mentions that the game could go beyond releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam as currently planned.

We are focusing on development for PS4, Steam, and Xbox One. But as far as the possibility of porting to Switch or [the Epic Games Store], there might be a possibility down the line. We can’t really say for sure at this point.

What’s interesting is that GameSpot did not specifically ask him about the game’s release platforms – Iizuka brings up the Nintendo Switch without any prompts.

Of course, it’s just as likely that he was simply preempting further questions about the topic.

With a non-committal answer like that, Nintendo fans will just have to wait and see what happens at E3 or after Code Vein officially releases.