Cris Tales – Latest Content Update – New Character/Dungeon and improved load times

Cris Tales – Latest Content Update – New Character/Dungeon and improved load times

Modus Games released a new content update for Cris Tales, which adds an all-new character and dungeon for free. Additionally, the new update is stated to improve the long loading times of the Nintendo Switch version by “approximately 30%” along with other bug fixes.


Cris Tales Bonus Content DLC

  • New Character – Adri
    • Seventh playable character who will join your party.
    • Adri is a robot mechanic who the player first encounters in St. Clarity. She plays a significant part in the late game story.
    • In combat, Adri acts as a summoner, building simple machines such as mines and turrets that can be enhanced through Crisbell’s time powers.
  • New Dungeon
    • Alongside Adri comes a new mechanical themed dungeon.
    • Brand new enemy encounters and unique puzzle solving mechanics.
    • Return of the new and improved Coliseum
    • Battle waves of increasingly challenging enemies for new loot, chests, currency, and rewards.
    • Accessed by speaking to the traveling merchant.
    • New enemies and a completely original boss.
  • General updates:
    • Completion of the new content introduces a completely new cutscene and a new ending for the game.
    • New content is accessible in the late game, and players who have already completed the game can just load their most recent save to experience the new content.

Patch Notes

  • Added a new playable character.
  • Added a new side quest and dungeon, with new enemies and a new boss.
  • Added a new Colosseum.  Speak to the Wandering Merchant to test your mettle!
  • (Switch only) Reduced loading times by approximately 30%.
  • Fixed an infinite white loading screen that could rarely occur at the end of battles.
  • Fixed a gameplay blocker that could rarely occur when a character’s syncro is interrupted.
  • Fixed a gameplay blocker that could rarely occur during the Volcano Sisters boss fight.
  • Fixed a gameplay blocker that could rarely happen during certain other boss fights.
  • Fixed an issue with the Empress’ Gaol ability which could impact party composition after the battle.
  • Fixed issues with minor graphical flickering in some backgrounds.
  • Various text and graphical fixes.
  • Additional Nintendo Switch Patch Notes
  • Fixed numerous text bugs.
  • Fixed numerous user reported soft-locks.
  • Fixed an achievement not being unlockable.
  • Fixed enemies occasionally not appearing during a battle in the salt mines.
  • Fixed the “burn” icon becoming distorted when using Impact Strikes.
  • Adjusted pricing for Tents.
  • Adjusted pricing for the Distortion Ring.
  • Crisbell now learns Heal at level 2.
  • The Empress will now use perfect heal for only two turns.