Delays and Development of Hollow Knight Silksong: Insights from Playtester Graig

Delays and Development of Hollow Knight Silksong: Insights from Playtester Graig


Hollow Knight Silksong, one of the most anticipated indie games, has faced significant delays since its announcement in 2019. Recent comments by Graig, a prominent playtester, have shed light on the game’s current status and the development challenges faced by Team Cherry. Graig emphasized that the team is not in dev hell but is dealing with internal deadlines and setbacks typical of game development. He acknowledged the frustrations of fans and highlighted the need for better communication from the developers.

This discussion delves into the development process of Silksong, the importance of patience, and the unique challenges indie studios encounter. It also compares Team Cherry’s approach to that of larger studios like Nintendo, emphasizing the different expectations and resources available to each. The summary provides a comprehensive understanding of the situation, balancing the perspectives of both the developers and the eager fan base awaiting the game’s release.

Hollow Knight Silksong: Playtester Insights

The development of Hollow Knight Silksong has been a topic of much discussion and speculation among fans. Since its announcement in 2019, the game has faced numerous delays, leading to growing impatience within the community. Recent comments by Graig, a leading playtester, have provided some insight into the current status of the game and the challenges faced by its developers, Team Cherry.

In 2019, Team Cherry announced Hollow Knight Silksong, a sequel to the critically acclaimed Hollow Knight. The announcement generated immense excitement, as fans eagerly anticipated another immersive experience in the beautifully crafted world of Hollow Knight. The initial trailer showcased stunning visuals, intriguing gameplay mechanics, and a new protagonist, Hornet, promising a fresh yet familiar adventure.

Early Expectations and Hype

The early expectations for Silksong were sky-high. Fans were thrilled by the prospect of exploring new environments, facing challenging enemies, and uncovering the mysteries of the game’s lore. The hype surrounding the announcement was further fueled by the success of Hollow Knight, which had set a high standard for indie games with its rich narrative, intricate design, and engaging gameplay.

Current Status of Silksong’s Development

Recently, Graig, a leading playtester for Silksong, commented on Discord about the game’s seemingly dormant status. He assured fans that Team Cherry is not in dev hell and that development is ongoing. Graig’s comments aimed to address the growing concerns among fans who were anxious about the lack of updates and the prolonged development period.

Community Reactions and Speculations

The community’s reaction to Graig’s comments was mixed. While some fans appreciated the reassurance, others remained skeptical, given Graig’s reputation for trolling. Speculations about the game’s progress continued to circulate, with fans eagerly dissecting every piece of information to gauge the potential release timeline.

Team Cherry’s Development Approach

According to Graig, Team Cherry has set internal deadlines and, like many developers, often misses them. This insight highlights the reality of game development, where unexpected challenges and revisions can lead to delays. Internal deadlines are typically used to maintain a structured workflow, but they are not always met due to the complex nature of game creation.

Comparison with Other Indie Studios

Indie studios like Team Cherry often face unique challenges compared to larger game developers. Limited resources, smaller teams, and the need to juggle multiple roles can lead to longer development times. Despite these challenges, indie developers are known for their passion and dedication, often resulting in highly polished and creative games.

Communication with Fans

In a subsequent comment, Graig acknowledged that Team Cherry could improve its communication with fans. He sympathized with the community’s frustration, noting that more regular updates could help alleviate some of the anxiety surrounding the game’s release. Effective communication is crucial in maintaining a positive relationship between developers and their audience.

Fan Frustrations and Expectations

Fans of Silksong have expressed their frustrations with the prolonged silence from Team Cherry. The lack of updates has led to speculation and impatience, with many feeling left in the dark about the game’s progress. Clear and consistent communication from the developers could help manage expectations and keep the community engaged.

Challenges in Indie Game Development

Indie game development is fraught with challenges. Developers often have to overcome technical issues, creative roadblocks, and resource limitations. Balancing these hurdles while striving to create a high-quality game requires significant effort and resilience. Understanding these challenges can foster greater appreciation for the work that goes into indie game development.

Impact of Delays on Game Quality

While delays can be frustrating, they are sometimes necessary to ensure a game meets quality standards. Rushing a game to meet external deadlines can lead to a subpar product, whereas taking the time to address issues and polish the game can result in a more satisfying experience for players. The delays in Silksong’s development could ultimately lead to a more refined and enjoyable game.

Comparison with Metroid Prime 4

In 2019, around the same time Silksong was announced, Nintendo provided an update on Metroid Prime 4, revealing that development would be restarting under Retro Studios. This level of transparency was appreciated by fans, as it provided clarity on the game’s status and set realistic expectations for its release timeline.

Differences in Studio Approaches

The approach taken by Team Cherry differs from that of larger studios like Nintendo. As an indie studio, Team Cherry may prefer to work quietly without frequent public updates, focusing instead on the development process. This difference in communication strategies highlights the varying pressures and resources available to indie and large-scale developers.

Potential for Future Updates

Fans continue to speculate about potential updates from Team Cherry regarding Silksong’s progress. While the developers have remained largely silent, there is hope within the community that significant news will be shared soon. Any upcoming announcements could provide much-needed clarity and reassurance to eager fans.

Transparent communication is vital in managing fan expectations and maintaining trust. By providing regular updates, developers can keep their audience informed and engaged, reducing frustration and speculation. Team Cherry’s future communication strategies could benefit from incorporating more transparency to foster a positive relationship with their fans.

The Importance of Patience and Understanding

Graig’s comments serve as a reminder for fans to remain patient and understanding. Game development is a complex and time-consuming process, often involving unforeseen challenges. Recognizing the efforts of developers and giving them the time they need can lead to a more polished and enjoyable game.

Appreciating Developer Efforts

Appreciating the hard work and dedication of game developers is crucial. The passion and creativity that go into creating games like Silksong deserve recognition. By showing support and patience, fans can contribute to a more positive and encouraging environment for developers.


The journey of Hollow Knight Silksong’s development has been a challenging one, marked by delays and limited communication from Team Cherry. Insights from playtester Graig have shed light on some of the internal hurdles the team faces, reminding fans of the complexities involved in game development. While the anticipation and frustration among fans are understandable, it’s important to approach the situation with patience and understanding. As an indie studio, Team Cherry operates differently from larger developers, often working quietly to perfect their craft. By acknowledging the efforts of the developers and maintaining hope for future updates, the community can continue to support the creation of a game that promises to deliver a rewarding and immersive experience.

  • What did Graig say about Silksong’s development status?
    • Graig, a leading playtester, commented that Team Cherry is not in dev hell and that development is ongoing. He emphasized that internal deadlines are often missed, which is a common occurrence in game development.
  • Why has there been a lack of updates from Team Cherry?
    • As an indie studio, Team Cherry may prefer to focus on development rather than frequent public updates. Limited resources and a small team can contribute to their quieter approach compared to larger studios.
  • How have fans reacted to the delays in Silksong’s release?
    • Fans have expressed frustration and impatience due to the prolonged silence and lack of updates. While some appreciate the insights from Graig, others remain skeptical and eager for more transparency from the developers.
  • What challenges do indie game developers face?
    • Indie developers often encounter technical issues, creative roadblocks, and resource limitations. Balancing these challenges while striving to create a high-quality game requires significant effort and resilience.
  • How can fans support the developers of Silksong?
    • Fans can support the developers by showing patience and understanding, appreciating their hard work and dedication, and maintaining a positive and encouraging environment. Transparent communication from the developers can also help manage expectations.