Demon Turf – 1.1 update patch notes

Demon Turf – 1.1 update patch notes

On Nintendo Switch, Demon Turf received a new 1.1 update. It includes battle zone removal/replacement, the option to turn off camera overrides, a slew of tweaks, and a slew of repairs.

Demon Turf version 1.1 update patch notes

  • (Feature) To keep things moving, a number of fighting zones were removed and/or replaced in numerous levels.
  • (Bonus) There’s now an option to disable camera overrides, such as the ones that aim at what’s unlocked.
  • (Adjustment) Changed the layout of the “Gotta Go Fast” arena to make it more forgiving.
  • (Adjustment) Increased the transparency of the snowfall impact on Peak Plateau return excursions.
  • (Adjustment) Reduced and modified the loudness of a number of sound effects.
  • (Adjustment) In the Apocadesert sections, the general color red values were reduced.
  • (Adjustment) Added a note regarding gamma values that may be adjusted for extremely dark levels. For improved technical clarity, the glide suggestion indication in Tomoe and Gozen’s boss battle was also tweaked.
  • (Adjustment) Added poison drips while spinning when poisoned to emphasize that doing so removes the effect.
  • (Adjustment) Non-lethal waves are now groundpounding by flying spiky pigs.
  • (Fix) Rollout and other noises no longer cease playing at random intervals.
  • (Fix) Arena matches no longer have identical personal best timings.
  • (Fix) An problem with wall climbing when spamming the grass wheel with slo-mo enabled has been resolved.
  • (Fix) When loading into a level from the quest menu or removing save data, input is now locked.
  • (Fix) The checkpoint placement wall check has been enhanced.
  • (Fix) The global timer no longer goes crazy after 100 hours.
  • (Fix) Trophy time is now shown appropriately in the bosses’ victory menu at all times.
  • (Fix) Spamming the checkpoint button while walking no longer causes walking animations to be disrupted.
  • (Fix) When initiating a boss battle from the victory menu, the soundtrack is now correctly reset.
  • (Fix) If the leaderboard is scrolling, the #ranking number now correctly shows in the buddy list.
  • (Fix) An problem with spamming the grass wheel while in slo-mo when entering a teleporter has been resolved.
  • (Fix) When you turn off Depth of Field, it no longer resets when you load into a new level.
  • (Fix) The freeze frame option now eliminates freeze frames appropriately.
  • (Fix) A number of ambiance sounds now play out correctly in their respective level portions.
  • (Fix) Reflecting lasers no longer have the unusual potential of leaving an endless trail of particles, and in certain cases, no trace at all.
  • (Fix) A few typos were fixed.
  • (Fix) Collision when lowering platforms near death zones has been improved.
  • (Fix) Removed the weird hookshot interaction in Forktown with falling demon soccer balls.
  • (Fix) In Ice Ice Cavey, a bug caused the castle to vanish while conducting checkpoint teleports.
  • (Fix) Changed how sweets are granted following missions to guarantee that they are correctly preserved even if the player exits the game abruptly.
  • (Fix) Violet, I apologize for not crediting you as a beta tester! 3
  • (Fix) When Anti Aliasing is toggled on, it is now implemented more efficiently and correctly.
  • (Fix) The trophy time is now accurately shown in the victory menu after defeating a boss for the first time.
  • (Fix) When you frame-perfectly timing a teleport and death at the same moment, you no longer stay invincible for the rest of the level.
  • (Fix) In hubs, looking at the level gates at a specific angle no longer causes the display to stop working correctly.
  • (Fix) When perusing missions, you may no longer accidentally open the battery thief menu from the leaderboard menu.
  • (Fix) Two uncommon level cases of cakes being able to be replicated on replays have been fixed.
  • (Fix) A difficult-to-replicate incident of being able to bypass boss advancement by exploiting revolutionists has been fixed.
  • (Fix) When there is no time to beat, such as in hub worlds, the trophy symbol no longer appears at the bottom of the pause menu.
  • (Fix) The drop shadow on roping platforms in Peak Plateau is now correctly shown.
  • (Fix) Flipping platforms now tremble and emit a sound when they are ready to flip appropriately.
  • (Fix) A few ornamental items that were lacking their mesh graphics were fixed.
  • (Fix) Midgi’s conversation bubble no longer overlaps certain bigger item descriptions in the settings menu.
  • (Feature) A setting has been added to prevent photos from being automatically saved to your library.
  • (Adjustment) When in handheld mode, the button mapping menu now has better scale.
  • (Adjustment) Improved performance in various Cap’n Damp boss battle sequences.
  • (Fix) Fixed an issue where the resolution of a picture taken with a complete photo album might be messed up.
  • (Fix) The leaderboards may now be scrolled appropriately.

About Demon Turf

All types of nasties live in the Demon World… The majority of them were grouped into rival gangs, each with its own boss. Even yet, these nefarious characters are no match for the Demon King himself! Instead, Beebz, a youthful demon of less than a thousand years old, thinks it’s time to kick every turf leader’s butt and become the Demon Queen herself.


  • A one-of-a-kind style that combines the expressiveness of 2D graphics with the depth and sensation of exploration that only 3D worlds can provide!
  • From the music accompanied by the protagonist’s rapping to the colorful characters who populate the environment, it’s a universe full of comedy and flair!
  • A fresh perspective on growth! Explore previously conquered levels to find their freed condition, with a variety of mechanical and environmental alterations to discover. Alternatively, spend some time in the main town doing sidequests and other unique tasks.
  • Make some inventive platforming moves or get violent with a unique physics-based battle system that amps up the mayhem and excitement. Defeat your foes by pushing, pulling, and spinning them out of the path.
  • Checkpoints are handled differently in this game, with the player able to set them anywhere they wish. Show off without them for a flawless run, or position one in front of a difficult stretch.
  • One-of-a-kind challenges, such as the “Photo Hunt” mode, in which you’re entrusted with photographing secret locales and unexpected events! Or just have fun taking images and selfies and sharing them on social media!
  • A fantastic collection of modifications that can be purchased and merged in a variety of ways to drastically alter your gameplay! Alternatively, you might go out and purchase some dyes and pets; the world is your oyster!
  • Hundreds of expertly constructed levels that provide new difficulties on a regular basis, as well as interesting bosses with personality and vitality! Until Beebz catches up with them…

Slime-creators san’s have released their newest invention! The team took what they learnt from their 2D platformer and applied it to this 3D platformer!

Demon Turf 1.1 is currently available for all Nintendo Switch gamers to download.