Diablo III Amiibo support

Diablo III Amiibo support

An observant visitor of PAX West noticed that Diablo III Amiibo seems to get support. But what exactly will Amiibo add?

Amiibo in Diablo III

Officially Blizzard has nothing to know about this function. We do not know yet which Amiibo will be supported and what they will add?

We have seen different approaches in recent years. In some games you can unlock certain skins by using Amiibo or obtaining extra items.

But a few weeks ago there was also this reveal, where we saw Ganondorf in Diablo III.


Video credits: GameXplain

We have already seen the necessary Legend of Zelda crossovers and amiibo support would not be strange at all. But the question is whether Ganondorf is the only Nintendo character that will make a crossover.

What do you expect?