Digimon Survive – New Gameplay Trailer

Digimon Survive – New Gameplay Trailer

Bandai Namco and HYDE, the game’s publisher and developer, published a new gameplay video and pictures for Digimon Survive.


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About Digimon Survive

This next set of promotional materials and information demonstrates more of the game’s visual novel aspects and tactical RPG fights, such as building affinity with party members and negotiating and defeating opponent Digimon.

Key Features

A Detailed Visual Novel

  • Experience a dark story about friendship and survival that is filled with intriguing drama, a diverse cast of people, and potentially perilous decisions.
  • A Mysterious World – Discover strange locales teeming with hidden mysteries and Digimon to be recruited.
  • The Power is Yours – Your decisions influence gameplay by influencing how you connect with other NPCs, how your Digimon evolves, and the conclusion of your journey.
  • Gameplay that is both thrilling and strategic – Persuade your adversaries to join your squad and develop them to fight with you in exciting turn-based fights.

Digimon Survive will be available for the Nintendo Switch on July 29th.