Digital Foundry: Dark Souls Remastered

Digital Foundry: Dark Souls Remastered

Dark Souls Remastered comes out in just a couple of months, so Digital Foundry released a brand new video that takes a look at the game.

The brand new trailer that was unveiled at last week’s Nintendo Direct was analyzed, and Digital Foundry also compared the remastered Dark Soul’s graphics to its Xbox 360 original. 

Dark Souls Remastered Analysis


The findings indicate that the remaster will essentially just upscale all the original assets to 1080p, while throwing in some extra lighting effects to enhance the experience that much more. Still, minor framerate drops from the trailer footage indicate that the final product will perhaps dip below 30 FPS from time to time. But … Dark Souls on the go trumps that right?

Well what do you guys think yourselves?