Digital Foundry Octopath Traveler analysis

Digital Foundry Octopath Traveler analysis

Octopath Traveler is out now on the Nintendo Switch and the folks over at Digital Foundry have once again provided a detailed tech analysis.


Octopath Traveler analysis

They have come away impressed with Square Enix’s technical mastery on the system and they have stated the following;

Square Enix and Acquire know exactly where to push the boat out technically and where to stick to the tried and tested 2D template. The result is a beautiful and compelling Switch exclusive that’s well worth checking out.

Simply creating a 2D title on Switch would have been a far simpler endeavour, but it would have robbed Octopath Traveler of its signature, hybrid visual style. With that in mind, the resolution has to drop to suit the ambition, with pixel-count topping out at 720p while docked. On the other hand, if you’re using the Switch purely as a handheld, you get all the same effects as docked play, but it simply runs at a lower resolution of 1024×576. In that case, the UI stays fixed at 720p at least, and so these elements look sharp, pixel-mapped to Switch’s smaller display.