Dragon Quest Builders 2 – Sold 50% launch shipment

Dragon Quest Builders 2 – Sold 50% launch shipment

Dengeki Online which is one of the Japanese sites that tracks sales data in Japan, published the set of data they collected for Dragon Quest Builders 2’s launch.

50% launch

According to Dengeki, Dragon Quest Builders 2 sold 209,000 copies in Japan on both Nintendo Switch and PS4. The Nintendo Switch version moved 101,00 copies as compared to the PS4’s 108,000 copies, so overall both versions are equally as popular it seens

The sell-through rate for the game across both platforms is currently 50%.

GEO, one of the largest retailers in Japan, added that the ratio between the two (Nintendo Switch and PS4) sales is 4:6, but they expect they more than expect the Nintendo Switch version to catch up in the coming weeks.


About Dragon Quest Builders 2

In Dragon Quest Builders 2 players arrive on an empty island. Materials must be collected to build a house and eventually a village. The first part is now available for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and the Vita.

The Square Enix game Dragon Quest Builders 2 will be heading west sometime in 2019, at least on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo reported this during the announcement of its financial results a while back.

There is no exact release date yet for the West.