DreadOut: Remastered Collection is Coming

DreadOut: Remastered Collection is Coming


DreadOut: Remastered Collection, announced by Soft Source Publishing and Digital Happiness, is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch in the near future. This collection includes DreadOut and DreadOut: Keepers of the Dark, two beloved horror games originally released in 2014 and 2016. In DreadOut, players control Linda, a high school student navigating an eerie, abandoned town with her smartphone and SLR camera to battle supernatural forces and solve puzzles.

The remastered collection promises enhanced graphics, improved performance, and additional features that will elevate the horror experience. With a storyline deeply rooted in Indonesian folklore, DreadOut offers a unique cultural perspective that adds to its atmospheric and immersive gameplay. Players can look forward to exploring haunted environments, facing terrifying ghosts, and uncovering dark secrets as they guide Linda through her perilous journey. The Switch release is highly anticipated by fans and newcomers alike, promising to deliver a thrilling adventure filled with mystery and horror.

The DreadOut: Remastered Collection

DreadOut: Remastered Collection, announced by Soft Source Publishing and Digital Happiness, is poised to bring a spine-chilling experience to Nintendo Switch users. This collection includes two critically acclaimed games: DreadOut and DreadOut: Keepers of the Dark. Both games immerse players in a world of supernatural horror, where they must navigate terrifying environments, battle eerie entities, and solve intricate puzzles. The remastered edition promises enhanced graphics, smoother gameplay, and additional content, making it a highly anticipated release for fans of the genre.

DreadOut, first released in 2014, introduces players to Linda, a high school student who, along with her friends, stumbles upon an abandoned town during a field trip. The town, seemingly frozen in time, harbors dark secrets and malevolent spirits. Players must guide Linda through this haunted environment, using her smartphone and SLR camera to capture and combat supernatural threats. The game combines elements of traditional Indonesian folklore with modern horror, creating a unique and terrifying experience.

Overview of DreadOut: Keepers of the Dark

DreadOut: Keepers of the Dark, released in 2016, expands on the original game’s universe. This standalone chapter follows Linda as she is transported by the Mysterious Lady in Red into the Mirror Realm, a portal connecting multiple haunted dominions. Players must navigate these realms, each filled with its own horrific entities and challenges. The game introduces new ghosts, puzzles, and environments, deepening the lore and offering fresh scares for players to uncover.

Key Features of DreadOut

DreadOut is renowned for its supernatural horror elements, drawing heavily from Indonesian folklore. Players encounter a variety of ghosts and spirits, each with unique characteristics and backstories. The game’s atmosphere is designed to be intensely eerie, with dark, foreboding environments and a sense of constant dread. The supernatural beings are not just obstacles but integral parts of the story, each encounter adding layers to the overall narrative.

Puzzle-Solving Mechanics

Puzzles are a core component of DreadOut’s gameplay. Players must solve various puzzles to progress through the game, often requiring keen observation and logical thinking. These puzzles range from finding hidden objects to deciphering clues embedded in the environment. The integration of puzzles with the horror elements ensures that players are always engaged, balancing moments of intense fear with intellectual challenges.

First and Third-Person Perspectives

DreadOut allows players to switch between first-person and third-person perspectives, offering a flexible gameplay experience. The first-person view is primarily used during combat, providing an immersive and immediate sense of danger when facing ghosts. The third-person perspective is utilized for exploration, giving players a broader view of their surroundings. This dual perspective system enhances the game’s dynamic, allowing players to experience the horror from different angles.

Storyline and Setting

The storyline of DreadOut centers on Linda’s journey through the haunted town. As she explores, she uncovers the town’s dark history and the reasons behind its supernatural occurrences. Linda’s character evolves as she faces these horrors, gaining new abilities and becoming more adept at handling the threats. Her journey is one of survival and self-discovery, with her actions directly impacting the fate of her friends.

The Abandoned Town’s Dark Secrets

The setting of DreadOut is a forgotten town trapped in a state of eerie slumber. This town, once bustling with life, now stands as a testament to a series of tragic events. The architecture, environments, and artifacts found within the town all contribute to the storytelling, revealing bits and pieces of its tragic past. As Linda delves deeper, she encounters the sinister forces responsible for the town’s downfall, and her discoveries piece together the broader narrative.

Indonesian Cultural Influences

DreadOut stands out for its use of traditional Indonesian folklore. The game features various ghosts and spirits rooted in local myths, providing a fresh take on horror that distinguishes it from Western counterparts. These elements add authenticity and depth to the game’s narrative, drawing players into a culturally rich horror experience. The developers have meticulously incorporated these folkloric elements, ensuring that the game remains respectful and true to its cultural inspirations.

Unique Setting and Atmosphere

The game’s setting is steeped in Indonesian culture, from the architecture of the haunted town to the environmental details that populate it. This unique backdrop enhances the atmosphere, making the horror elements more immersive and engaging. The attention to detail in recreating an Indonesian setting adds to the game’s authenticity, providing players with a culturally enriched experience that heightens the sense of dread and curiosity.

Gameplay Experience

Players will face numerous terrifying encounters throughout DreadOut. Each ghost has distinct behaviors and attack patterns, requiring players to strategize and adapt their approach. The battles are intense, often leaving players with a lingering sense of fear and anticipation. The use of the smartphone and SLR camera as tools to combat these entities adds a unique twist, blending modern technology with supernatural horror in a compelling way.

Solving Puzzles and Progression

Puzzle-solving is integral to progressing in DreadOut. Players must explore their surroundings, interact with objects, and piece together clues to advance. The puzzles are designed to challenge players’ cognitive abilities, often requiring a combination of logic and creativity. Successfully solving these puzzles not only advances the story but also provides a sense of achievement, making each discovery feel rewarding and significant.

Remastered Version Improvements

The remastered version of DreadOut boasts enhanced graphics and performance, bringing the game to a new level of visual fidelity. Improved textures, lighting, and environmental details create a more immersive experience, allowing players to fully appreciate the eerie beauty of the haunted town. These enhancements ensure that both new players and returning fans can enjoy a visually stunning and smoother gameplay experience.

Additional Content and Features

In addition to graphical improvements, the remastered collection includes new content and features. This may involve new areas to explore, additional puzzles to solve, and extra narrative elements that expand on Linda’s story. These additions provide fresh experiences for players, ensuring that even those familiar with the original games will find something new to discover. The developers have focused on making the remastered version a comprehensive update that honors the original while enhancing it for modern audiences.

Anticipated Switch Release

While an exact release date for DreadOut: Remastered Collection on the Switch has not been announced, it is slated to arrive “in the near future.” This vague timeline builds anticipation among fans eager to experience the horror games on a new platform. The Switch release is expected to bring the game to a broader audience, including those who prefer gaming on a portable console.

What to Expect on the Switch Version

The Switch version of DreadOut: Remastered Collection promises to deliver the full horror experience with the added benefits of portability and convenience. Players can expect the same intense gameplay, chilling atmosphere, and engaging storyline, all optimized for the Switch’s hardware. The ability to play in handheld mode adds a new dimension to the horror experience, allowing players to immerse themselves in the game’s eerie world anywhere they go.

Player Experience and Challenges

Linda’s smartphone and SLR camera are crucial tools in DreadOut. These devices allow players to capture and combat supernatural entities, adding a unique gameplay mechanic. The smartphone’s flashlight can reveal hidden clues and illuminate dark areas, while the camera can capture ghostly images that reveal weaknesses or hidden paths. This blend of modern technology with supernatural elements creates a distinctive and engaging player experience.

Overcoming Supernatural Obstacles

Throughout the game, players will encounter various supernatural obstacles that challenge their problem-solving skills and nerves. These obstacles range from aggressive ghosts to environmental hazards that block Linda’s path. Overcoming these challenges requires a combination of quick thinking, precise actions, and a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics. Each successful overcoming of an obstacle feels like a significant achievement, driving players to continue their journey through the haunted town.

Significance of Linda’s Character

Linda’s character development is a central aspect of DreadOut. As she faces the horrors of the abandoned town, she evolves from a frightened high school student into a determined survivor. Her growth is reflected in her abilities and confidence, making her a relatable and compelling protagonist. Players will find themselves invested in her journey, rooting for her as she confronts the supernatural forces that threaten her and her friends.

Linda’s Abilities and Their Impact

Linda’s newfound abilities play a significant role in her survival. These abilities, which manifest as the story progresses, allow her to interact with the supernatural world in unique ways. Whether it’s sensing the presence of ghosts or utilizing her camera’s special functions, Linda’s abilities add depth to the gameplay. They also symbolize her transformation, marking her transition from an ordinary student to a heroine capable of facing extraordinary challenges.

Historical Context and Fan Reception

DreadOut was initially released to positive reception, praised for its atmospheric horror and unique cultural elements. Players and critics appreciated the game’s ability to blend traditional folklore with modern gameplay mechanics. The success of the original game led to the development of DreadOut: Keepers of the Dark, which further expanded the universe and introduced new horrors. The remastered collection aims to build on this legacy, offering an improved and enriched experience for both old and new fans.

Community Feedback and Updates

The developers of DreadOut have always been attentive to community feedback, using player insights to guide updates and improvements. This approach has fostered a loyal fanbase that eagerly anticipates new content and enhancements. The remastered collection is a testament to this commitment, incorporating community-driven suggestions and technical advancements to create a polished and engaging horror experience. Players can expect the same dedication to quality and immersion in the upcoming Switch release.


DreadOut: Remastered Collection promises to bring the beloved horror games to a new audience on the Nintendo Switch. With its rich blend of supernatural elements, engaging puzzles, and a compelling storyline rooted in Indonesian culture, it offers a unique and terrifying experience. The remastered version enhances the original games with improved graphics, performance, and additional content, ensuring that both new players and returning fans will find something to enjoy. As we await its release, the anticipation continues to build for what is sure to be a standout addition to the Switch’s library of horror games.

  • When will DreadOut: Remastered Collection be released on the Nintendo Switch?
    • The exact release date for DreadOut: Remastered Collection on the Switch has not been announced yet, but it is expected to be available “in the near future.” Stay tuned for official updates from Soft Source Publishing and Digital Happiness.
  • What games are included in the DreadOut: Remastered Collection?
    • The collection includes two games: DreadOut and DreadOut: Keepers of the Dark. Both games offer a rich, supernatural horror experience with engaging storylines, challenging puzzles, and terrifying encounters.
  • What are the key features of DreadOut?
    • DreadOut features supernatural horror elements, puzzle-solving mechanics, and the ability to switch between first and third-person perspectives. Players use Linda’s smartphone and SLR camera to combat ghosts and uncover the town’s dark secrets.
  • What improvements are included in the remastered version?
    • The remastered version includes enhanced graphics and performance, additional content, and new features that improve the overall gameplay experience. These enhancements make the game more immersive and enjoyable for both new and returning players.
  • Will the Switch version include any exclusive content?
    • While specific exclusive content for the Switch version has not been confirmed, players can expect the full horror experience optimized for the Switch’s hardware, including the benefits of portability and convenience for on-the-go gaming.