Dreamcast emulator is now running (homebrew)

Dreamcast emulator is now running (homebrew)

After months of hard work, members of the Nintendo Switch homebrew community have released the Reicast emulator on Nintendo Switch.

Emulation on the Nintendo Switch continues to improve at a rapid rate. The latest advancement of which is the porting of the Dreamcast emulator, Reicast. You can take your late 90s SEGA nostalgia with you wherever you go.


About Reicast

The Reicast emulator is capable of running various Dreamcast games on Nintendo Switch. The developers of this emulator have also claimed that it could run games at up to 2 times the DC speed.

Keep in mind however that there are still compatibility issues at this time.

As far as performance goes, Dreamcast classics such as Crazy Taxi, Chu Chu Rocket, Jet Set Radio, and others have been tested as playable, to varying degrees of success.

Piracy is no no

We love the homebrew community a great deal but and we can not stress this enough we do not condone piracy in any way or form. So as always we will not provide info on how to get this done or the like.