DREDGE Collector’s Edition and The Iron Rig Expansion

DREDGE Collector’s Edition and The Iron Rig Expansion


The upcoming release of the DREDGE Collector’s Edition by Black Salt Games and Team17 is set for November 19th, 2024, promising a treasure trove of exclusive bonuses for fans. This premium physical release for the Nintendo Switch includes a replica Sign of Ruin talisman, a double-sided poster, a complete compendium of fish, and more.

Additionally, the new paid expansion, The Iron Rig, arriving on August 16th, 2024, will introduce players to an array of new equipment, characters, and challenges. The expansion enhances the DREDGE experience by adding over 50 new fish species, transforming familiar areas with a mysterious dark liquid, and providing players with the opportunity to build a formidable base with the Ironhaven Corporation. This comprehensive content will delve into all aspects of the Collector’s Edition and The Iron Rig expansion, offering a detailed look at the added features, bonuses, and gameplay enhancements that fans can look forward to.

DREDGE and Its Popularity

DREDGE, developed by Black Salt Games and published by Team17, has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide with its unique blend of eldritch horror and fishing simulation. Since its initial release, the game has stood out for its captivating atmosphere, intriguing storyline, and engaging gameplay mechanics. Players navigate treacherous waters, uncovering dark secrets while fishing for a variety of strange and often terrifying creatures. The combination of exploration, resource management, and mystery-solving has made DREDGE a standout title in the indie game scene.

Black Salt Games, known for their innovative approach to game design, and Team17, a publisher with a long history of supporting independent developers, have collaborated to bring this exceptional game to a wider audience. The success of DREDGE can be attributed to its meticulous attention to detail, atmospheric graphics, and the seamless integration of horror elements into a fishing game. With the announcement of the Collector’s Edition and the upcoming expansion, The Iron Rig, excitement among the fanbase is at an all-time high.

Collector’s Edition Overview

The DREDGE Collector’s Edition, set to release on November 19th, 2024, is a highly anticipated offering for fans of the game. This premium edition not only includes the physical release of the game for the Nintendo Switch but also comes packed with a host of exclusive bonuses that enhance the overall experience. The announcement of the Collector’s Edition has generated significant buzz within the gaming community, highlighting the enduring appeal of physical game releases in an increasingly digital age.

Collectors and enthusiasts alike value physical editions for their tangible nature and the unique items they often include. The DREDGE Collector’s Edition is no exception, offering a carefully curated selection of bonuses that provide both aesthetic appeal and functional enhancements to the gameplay. As we explore the contents of this edition in detail, it becomes clear why it is a must-have for dedicated fans of DREDGE.

Pre-Order Bonuses

One of the most enticing aspects of the DREDGE Collector’s Edition is the array of pre-order bonuses it includes. These bonuses are designed to reward early adopters and provide them with unique items that are both collectible and useful within the game. Here is a detailed look at what players can expect:

  • Physical release of the game for Switch
  • All downloadable content
  • Exclusive artwork and reversible inlay
  • 10-centimeter replica of the Sign of Ruin talisman
  • Double-sided poster
  • Map
  • Complete compendium of all fish and their aberrant variants
  • Message in a bottle from Black Salt Games
  • Metal doubloon coin
  • Layered box featuring exclusive artwork

Each of these items has been thoughtfully selected to enhance the player’s connection to the game and provide a richer experience both in-game and as a collector’s item. From the exclusive artwork that adds a visual feast to the reversible inlay, every detail is crafted to perfection.

Physical Release for Nintendo Switch

The physical release of DREDGE for the Nintendo Switch is a key component of the Collector’s Edition. While digital downloads have become increasingly popular, there is still a significant demand for physical game copies, especially among collectors and dedicated fans. The Switch version of DREDGE offers several advantages, including portability and the tactile satisfaction of owning a physical copy.

Additionally, the physical release ensures that players have a tangible piece of the game, which often includes unique artwork and packaging that digital versions cannot offer. This physical edition not only serves as a collector’s item but also as a testament to the game’s enduring appeal and the dedication of its developers.

Exclusive Artwork and Reversible Inlay

One of the standout features of the DREDGE Collector’s Edition is the exclusive artwork and reversible inlay. The artwork, created specifically for this edition, captures the eerie and mysterious essence of the game. Fans will appreciate the attention to detail and the visual representation of the game’s themes and atmosphere.

The reversible inlay adds an extra layer of customization, allowing players to choose their preferred cover art. This feature is particularly appealing to collectors who enjoy having options and the ability to display different aspects of their favorite games. The artwork and inlay not only enhance the physical appearance of the game but also deepen the player’s connection to the world of DREDGE.

Replica of the Sign of Ruin Talisman

The 10-centimeter replica of the Sign of Ruin talisman is a highlight of the Collector’s Edition. This meticulously crafted item is not only a faithful representation of an important in-game artifact but also a beautiful collectible in its own right. The talisman plays a significant role in DREDGE’s storyline, and owning a physical replica allows players to feel even more immersed in the game’s universe.

The replica’s design and construction reflect the high standards of quality that fans have come to expect from Black Salt Games. It is a tangible reminder of the game’s rich lore and the adventures players embark on while exploring the mysterious waters of DREDGE. As a collectible, the talisman adds significant value to the Collector’s Edition and is sure to be a cherished item among fans.

Double-Sided Poster and Map

The double-sided poster and map included in the DREDGE Collector’s Edition serve both as decorative items and practical tools for players. The poster features exclusive artwork that captures the eerie beauty of the game’s world, making it a perfect addition to any fan’s collection. On the reverse side, the map provides a detailed overview of the game’s various locations, helping players navigate the treacherous waters and uncover hidden secrets.

These items enhance the player’s immersive experience by providing visual aids and additional context for their in-game adventures. The map, in particular, is a valuable resource for players who enjoy exploring every corner of the game’s world and discovering all it has to offer. Together, the poster and map add depth to the Collector’s Edition and enrich the overall experience for fans of DREDGE.

Complete Compendium of Fish and Aberrant Variants

One of the most intriguing aspects of DREDGE is the variety of fish that players can catch and catalog. The complete compendium included in the Collector’s Edition provides an exhaustive guide to all fish species in the game, including their aberrant variants. This detailed resource is a must-have for dedicated players who enjoy completing their collections and learning about the game’s diverse marine life.

The compendium offers insights into the characteristics and behaviors of each fish, helping players to strategize and optimize their fishing efforts. It also includes information on the rarer aberrant variants, adding an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the game. For fans who take pride in their in-game accomplishments, the compendium is an invaluable tool that enhances their overall enjoyment of DREDGE.

Message in a Bottle from Black Salt Games

The inclusion of a message in a bottle from Black Salt Games adds a personal touch to the Collector’s Edition. This unique item provides players with a direct connection to the developers, offering insights into the game’s creation and the team’s vision. The message may include behind-the-scenes stories, development challenges, and the inspirations behind DREDGE’s eerie and captivating world.

This personal touch enhances the player’s appreciation for the game and the dedication of its creators. It also serves as a keepsake, reminding players of their journey through the dark waters of DREDGE and the experiences they’ve shared with the community. The message in a bottle is a thoughtful addition that adds depth and meaning to the Collector’s Edition.

Metal Doubloon Coin

The metal doubloon coin included in the DREDGE Collector’s Edition is a distinctive collectible that holds significance within the game’s lore. This coin represents the in-game currency used by players to purchase upgrades and supplies, and owning a physical version allows fans to feel more connected to their in-game adventures.

The doubloon is crafted with attention to detail, featuring intricate designs that reflect the game’s aesthetic and themes. As a collectible, it is a valuable addition to the Collector’s Edition, appealing to fans who enjoy owning unique and tangible pieces of their favorite games. The doubloon coin not only adds to the overall value of the edition but also serves as a memorable keepsake for dedicated players.

Layered Box with Exclusive Artwork

The Collector’s Edition comes in a layered box featuring exclusive artwork that showcases the game’s eerie and mysterious world. This box is designed to be both functional and visually appealing, providing a secure storage solution for the various items included in the edition.

The artwork on the box captures the essence of DREDGE, with detailed illustrations that evoke the game’s atmosphere and themes. For collectors, the box itself is a prized item, adding to the overall presentation and value of the edition. The layered design ensures that each item is protected and displayed in an organized manner, making it a standout feature of the DREDGE Collector’s Edition.

The Iron Rig Expansion: Overview

The Iron Rig expansion, set to release on August 16th, 2024, is the second paid expansion for DREDGE, following the successful launch of “The Pale Reach” last year. This new expansion introduces players to a host of new content, including equipment, abilities, characters, and challenges. The Iron Rig is designed to be accessible at any point during the player’s DREDGE adventure, allowing them to seamlessly integrate the new content into their existing gameplay.

Players will work with the Ironhaven Corporation to build a formidable base of operations, unlocking new tiers of equipment and abilities. The expansion’s storyline involves a drilling operation that stirs something sinister in the primordial depths, introducing new hazards and transforming familiar areas into perilous zones. As players explore these changes, they will encounter peculiar fish species and uncover new world events and lore.

New Content and Features in The Iron Rig

The Iron Rig expansion brings a wealth of new content and features to DREDGE, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. Key additions include:

  • New equipment and abilities: Players can unlock advanced fishing gear and powerful abilities to aid them in their adventures.
  • New characters: The expansion introduces new NPCs with unique roles and storylines, adding depth to the game’s narrative.
  • New hazards: The dark liquid seeping into familiar areas creates new challenges that players must navigate carefully.
  • New world events: The expansion adds dynamic events that affect the game’s world, providing fresh experiences and surprises.
  • New lore: Players will uncover additional lore that expands the game’s rich backstory and universe.

These features enhance the player’s engagement with the game, offering new opportunities for exploration and discovery. The Iron Rig expansion ensures that DREDGE remains a dynamic and evolving experience, keeping players invested in its world and story.

Impact of the Dark Liquid on Game Areas

One of the most intriguing elements of The Iron Rig expansion is the introduction of a mysterious dark liquid that begins to seep into familiar and once-safe areas of the game. This substance transforms these zones into perilous environments, adding a new layer of challenge for players. The dark liquid affects local fish species, resulting in the appearance of strange and aberrant variants that players must carefully assess and catalog.

The impact of this dark liquid on the game’s areas creates a sense of urgency and danger, compelling players to adapt their strategies and approach. Familiar waters become treacherous, and players must navigate these transformed zones with caution. The introduction of the dark liquid not only adds a thrilling element to the gameplay but also expands the game’s lore, hinting at deeper mysteries lurking beneath the surface.

Exploring New Fish Species

The Iron Rig expansion adds over 50 new fish species to DREDGE’s encyclopedia, providing players with fresh challenges and opportunities for discovery. These new species, many of which are affected by the dark liquid, exhibit unique characteristics and behaviors that set them apart from the game’s existing marine life.

Players will need to employ new strategies and equipment to catch these peculiar specimens, adding variety and excitement to their fishing expeditions. The addition of these new species enriches the game’s ecosystem, offering players a deeper and more varied experience as they explore the transformed waters of DREDGE.

Interacting with New Characters

The Iron Rig expansion introduces new characters to DREDGE, each with their own unique roles and storylines. These NPCs provide players with new quests, challenges, and interactions that deepen the game’s narrative and add layers of complexity to the player’s journey.

From Ironhaven Corporation representatives to mysterious figures connected to the dark liquid, these new characters enhance the game’s world and offer players fresh perspectives and motivations. Interacting with these NPCs provides valuable insights into the expansion’s storyline and helps players unlock new equipment, abilities, and lore.

Building the Ironhaven Corporation Base

Central to The Iron Rig expansion is the construction and development of the Ironhaven Corporation base. Players will work to gather resources and build a formidable base of operations, unlocking new tiers of equipment and abilities as they progress. This base serves as a hub for the player’s activities, providing essential support and upgrades for their adventures.

The process of building and upgrading the base adds a strategic element to the gameplay, requiring players to carefully manage their resources and plan their actions. As the base grows, players gain access to more powerful tools and capabilities, enhancing their ability to navigate the transformed waters and overcome new challenges. The Ironhaven Corporation base is a key feature of the expansion, offering players a sense of progression and accomplishment.


The DREDGE Collector’s Edition and The Iron Rig expansion offer a wealth of new content and features that enhance the overall gaming experience. From exclusive collectibles and detailed in-game bonuses to exciting new challenges and lore, these additions ensure that fans of DREDGE have plenty to look forward to. Whether exploring the eerie waters of the base game or delving into the mysteries of The Iron Rig, players will find their adventures enriched and their connection to the game’s world deepened. The release of the Collector’s Edition and the expansion marks a significant milestone for DREDGE, promising hours of immersive and engaging gameplay for new and returning players alike.

  • What is included in the DREDGE Collector’s Edition?
    • The DREDGE Collector’s Edition includes the physical release of the game for Switch, all downloadable content, exclusive artwork and reversible inlay, a 10-centimeter replica of the Sign of Ruin talisman, a double-sided poster, a map, a complete compendium of all fish and their aberrant variants, a message in a bottle from Black Salt Games, a metal doubloon coin, and a layered box featuring exclusive artwork.
  • When will The Iron Rig expansion be released?
    • The Iron Rig expansion is set to be released on August 16th, 2024.
  • What new features are included in The Iron Rig expansion?
    • The Iron Rig expansion introduces new equipment, abilities, characters, hazards, world events, and over 50 new fish species. It also includes the development of the Ironhaven Corporation base and new lore related to the dark liquid seeping into game areas.
  • Can the new content in The Iron Rig be accessed at any time?
    • Yes, The Iron Rig expansion is designed to be started at any point during the player’s DREDGE adventure, allowing seamless integration into the existing gameplay.
  • How can I pre-order the DREDGE Collector’s Edition?
    • Pre-orders for the DREDGE Collector’s Edition can be placed through various retailers, including Amazon. Check the official listings for more details and availability.