EA Job Listing – Frostbite support still considered

EA Job Listing – Frostbite support still considered

Doctre81 found a job listing from EA Motive asking for a rendering engineer that has experience developing with the Frostbite Engine.

The job listing is to help with development for an unannounced multi-platform game that will be available on Nintendo Switch.


EA Motive previously worked on Star Wars Battlefront II so this may be suggesting that the next major EA title could be coming to Nintendo Switch.

Will it even be Frostbite?

EA Motive’s upcoming title will be the first to actually utilize the Frostbite Engine if it releases on Switch. Frostbite Engine does have support for Nintendo Switch.

As this has been previously mentioned on a former EA employee’s LinkedIn profile revealing they worked on developing the Frostbite Engine SDK for Nintendo Switch.

But there simply are no titles that have used the engine out there … dare I say … yet.