Elden: Path of the Forgotten Director’s Cut + patch notes

Elden: Path of the Forgotten Director’s Cut + patch notes

Elden: Path of the Forgotten, which debuted on Nintenso Switch in July 2020, received a huge upgrade called Director’s Cut. It “reworks every aspect of the game,” including fighting, sound, and more.

Full patch notes

  • Updated to Unity 2019.4 – Better performance
  • New story beats in each region
  • Expanding Hub region with new zone
  • More variation to zones
  • Increased player speed
  • New tentacle spell sound effects
  • Reworked camera shake (disabled camera shake when the player deals damage to enemies, replaced with a time slow effect. Camera shake only happens when the player takes damage or for large world events. Camera shake motion was also completely reworked.)
  • Reworked melee hit collisions
  • Added new enemy – The lurker
  • Added direction change animation for wide enemies
  • Improved lighting
  • Improved enemy navigation
  • Added Interaction log
  • Added Item trading
  • Reworked HUD
  • Reworked dragon enemy
  • Reworked zone naming
  • Reworked roll iframes
  • Reworked footstep sound effect system
  • Weapons now have their own individual stamina costs
  • Weapons now have their own individual sound effects
  • Reworked damage type system
  • Critical attack sounds
  • New weapon – Ahrala’s Daggers
  • New weapon – Farmer’s Scythe
  • New weapon – Curse of the Ancients
  • Added burn effect
  • Added shock effect
  • Added Rune items
  • Added Cooldown items
  • Added Trapped explosive
  • Improved audio cue system
  • Improved AI / Gate interactions
  • Reworked threat system
  • Reworked Shadow caster AI
  • Balanced damage types
  • Fixed dragon farts
  • Added chain lightning
  • Reworked ranged combat
  • Added enemy retreating behaviour
  • Added time slow item
  • Added new abilities to Rocky Isle Boss
  • New and expanded sound design
  • Added item trading
  • Improved damage type and defence type system
  • Added thunder and lightning
  • Translated zone names and interaction text
  • Improved inventory navigation
  • Improved poison effect

About Elden: Path of the Forgotten 

Guide Elden on a mission across a blighted land to save their mother from ancient horrors. Engage in brutal, technical combat and master eldritch magics as you walk the Forgotten Path. Elden explores non-traditional storytelling through indirect methods – like reading an illustrated book in a language you don’t understand. The combat is based on reaction rather than action. Strategically, you will need to manage your stamina and position in order to master the art of parry or to find the perfect time to strike. Visually inspired by classic 16 and 8 bit games, Elden: Path of the Forgotten is a stunning, encapsulating, dark world waiting to be explored.


  • Many diverse and challenging regions.
  • Horrifying Lovecraftian enemies and bosses.
  • Unique and brutal weapons and spells.
  • Powerful and dynamic items.

Elden: Path of the Forgotten is now available on Nintendo Switch and all gamers may get the Director’s Cut upgrade for free.