Fairy Tail – Battle Scene and Magic Gallery Gameplay

Fairy Tail – Battle Scene and Magic Gallery Gameplay

Dengeki Online shared new gameplay from Koei Tecmo’s upcoming Fairy Tail. The new gameplay shows off the battle scene and magic gallery features in Fairy Tail.


About Fairy Tail

Based on Hiro Mashima’s Japanese manga of the same name

Demons, dark wizards, dragons, and cats – players will find it all as they start their journey in the land of Fiore

Wizards play through the adventures of Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia, as well as other eccentric members of the mage guild, on a fun-filled and thrilling quest

Faithful recreation of the Fairy Tail world and its unusual inhabitants, including everything from magic to its iconic characters

Compete among the greatest dragon slayers in Fairy Tail for PlayStation 4. Mode changes let you transform Natsu Dragneel’s state during magic battles full of exhilarating action as inspired by the manga and anime series, and your customizable party of guild members creates a unique storyline. Accomplish missions, win battle stages, and bond with other characters in Fairy Tail to increase your guild rank in the Grand Magic Games.