Fatal Fury First Contact available

Fatal Fury First Contact available

SNK has released Neo Geo Pocket Color game Fatal Fury First Contact on the Nintendo Switch eShop, for $7.99 USD.

This time, newcomers Rick Strowd and Li Xiangfei join up with the existing roster of fan-favorites such as Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui!


About Fatal Fury First Contact

Those legendary wolves stake their claim on a new stage!

Utilize earth-shattering special moves and reach for the top!

  • FATAL FURY newcomers like Rick Strowd and Li Xiangfei clash fists with nostalgic fan-favorites Terry, Geese, and Mai Shiranui!
  • Easier for beginners thanks to single-lane fighting! Unleash an ultra-lethal POTENTIAL POWER move at the brink of death to turn the tables on your foes!
  • Invite a friend over for some 1on1 action in either tabletop or handheld mode! Find out who has what it takes to be hailed as the best in Southtown!