Feudal Alloy announced

Feudal Alloy announced

Attu Games , the developer of among others Toby: the Secret Mine, announced to be working on a new project for the Nintendo Switch.

The game will be a Metroidvania genre with RPG elements and is called Feudal Alloy.

You plas as Attu (coincidentally named like the company?),  a robot driven by a fishbowl. Explore a strange medieval world, improve your skills by defeating mechanical creatures and get to know the other inhabitants of this world.

The game is currently scheduled for the third quarter of 2018.

Trailer Feudal Alloy


Personally we found Toby: the Secret Mine better. But it can also be our love for games in such a setting such as Limbo and Inside (both of which certainly would not be out of place on the Nintendo Switch). We would therefore prefer to see Toby on the Nintendo Switch rather then Feudal Alloy right now. But who knows that could be changed yet.