Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Lysithea details

Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Lysithea details

The official Fire Emblem Twitter account has published a new character feature on Lysithea, another student attending the Officer’s Academy in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Like the previous character showcases, this new feature details Lysithea’s voice actress & character, as well as a video of her in-game.

Lysithea details

– Voiced by Yuuki Aoi
– A member of the Golden Deers. The eldest daughter of the house of Count (Countess?) Cordelia.
– She is 15 years old, the youngest among the students admitted into the Academy this year.
– She is a prodigy whose skills in magic developed at an early age, but she is still a hard worker who isn’t conceited about her own talent.
– She hates being treated like a child and monsters, which is a childish side of hers.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be launching for Nintendo Switch in July 2019.