Fire Emblem: Three Houses opening cinematic

Fire Emblem: Three Houses opening cinematic

The preview copies seem to have landed for the long-awaited Fire Emblem: Three Houses. For now have a look at the game’s opening cinematic which will pave the way for a lengthy adventure.


Video credits: GameXplain

About Fire Emblem: Three Houses


Class assignments will see you and your pupils charge into strategic, turn-based skirmishes across Fódlan. In a series first, battalions of troops will follow your units to support them on the battlefield. Whether your students live or die in these battles depends on your leadership, so strategize as the fight progresses to lead your army to victory.


Nurture your pupils’ talents and help them reach their full potential at the Officers Academy. Freely roam the grounds of the Garreg Mach Monastery between lectures to undertake assignments and get to know your students to increase your bond with them and gather useful intel.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be released exclusively on Switch on 26th July.