Firmware updated to version 6.2.0

Firmware updated to version 6.2.0

Nintendo has decided to release a brand new firmware update for the Switch, which brings the console to version 6.2.0.

Lots of changes under the hood

Some will say that this update isn’t anything special, as the big Nintendo Switch Online update released only a couple of months ago. In fact, the only thing that Nintendo says in the official patch notes is that there were “general system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience”.

But the update changes a lot more under the hood and has the piracy community’s attention. Without going in too much detail here; the way keys for titles are handled has been changed quite a bit rendering a lot of thing not usefull if you upgrade to 6.2.0.

Also fun fact; it seems developers did not get access to a build of 6.2.0 prior to it’s release. They have access to 7.0 versions already but a 6.2 version was never made available.

Nintendo is really stepping it up in this department.