First Trailer Fight Crab – arriving 2019

First Trailer Fight Crab – arriving 2019

Nussoft has released a new trailer for Fight Crab, a game where you play as a crab to fight other crabs. Yeah it is a totally weird title … but hey … Japan right?


About Nussoft

Fight Crab, a quite literally named game from Nussoft has players duking it out as various crustaceans. It quickly garnered attention online thanks to how unique the gameplay is.

But this  isn’t developer Nussoft’s first foray into the sea. They previously released the action game Ace of Seafood on consoles and PC. It features armies of fish battling for supremacy in a future without humans.

Fight Crab is scheduled to launch for Nintendo Switch in Japan in 2019 and quite frankly we don’t ever see this coming to the West.