Game Freak’s TOWN is coming in 2019

Game Freak’s TOWN is coming in 2019

Nintendo has confirmed a brand new RPG is coming and it’s being created by Game Freak, and for once it isn’t even Pokemon related. Who would have guessed that?


Video credits: GameXplain

About TOWN

The game’s working title is called “TOWN”, and it will release on the Nintendo Switch in 2019. The news was from their Nintendo Direct that recently took place.

Town takes place in a town that looks like any ordinary town — a small even peaceful town. You may think this is a run-of-the-mill RPG … except that there are tons of monsters attacking Town’s town (it sounds kind of weird to say that).

And these are not the kinds of monsters Game Freak is best known for; they’re not pocket-sized like in Pokemon. They’re actually quite big.

As we have only really seen a glimpse of TOWN there is still quite a lot to speculate about. But how does the game come over on you guys?