GameCube Joy-Cons modded by fans

GameCube Joy-Cons modded by fans

The GameCube controller remains a timeless classic for fans and is most known for its continued use in Super Smash Bros. tournaments around the globe.

Even Nintendo Switch owners are still hungry for a controller as good as the GameCube’s – with one company even releasing GameCube-styled Joy-Cons to cash-in. 

Leave it to the fans!

Or well, one Switch fan who decided to take the GameCube dream to a whole different level! Shank Mods revealed  a functioning set of Gamecube Joy-Cons

The set literally adapted from two halves of a GameCube Wavebird controller! The two halves do indeed snap in like regular Joy-Cons, have wireless functionality, and even have a bridge piece to combine back into a regular controller!

The whole project was a monumental task though… just take a look;


You’ve seen all the fake GameCube Joycon Renders. I decided to make real ones. This video was several months of assembly and several months of editing. Hope you enjoy it.These JoyCons are real, but they are not for sale. They were a pain to make, and I will not be making another set.


Sadly or well … kinda logically you’ll have to roll up your sleeves and make your own GameCube Joy-Cons if you want a pair for yourself. But it’s a very large task to say the least. This is some of the most invasive tinkering we’ve witnessed when it comes to Nintendo Switch customization yet.

Truly some next level dedication here, way to go Shank Mods!!