Gex Trilogy Announced for Modern Consoles by Limited Run Games

Gex Trilogy Announced for Modern Consoles by Limited Run Games


The Gex Trilogy, featuring the classic games Gex, Gex: Enter The Gecko, and Gex: Deep Cover Gecko, has been announced by Limited Run Games. This trilogy will be ported to modern consoles, including the Nintendo Switch, bringing these beloved retro games to a new generation of gamers.

Pre-orders for the Gex Trilogy are set to open in Fall 2024, with no exact release date confirmed yet. The announcement has generated significant excitement in the gaming community, particularly among fans of nostalgic and retro games. The modern ports are expected to feature enhanced graphics and compatibility with contemporary gaming systems, offering a fresh yet familiar experience for both old and new fans of the series.

Gex Trilogy Baby

The gaming world is abuzz with the exciting news from Limited Run Games: the release of the Gex Trilogy. This highly anticipated collection brings together the first three Gex games—Gex, Gex: Enter The Gecko, and Gex: Deep Cover Gecko—remastered and ported for modern consoles, including the Nintendo Switch. With pre-orders opening in Fall 2024, gamers old and new are eagerly awaiting the chance to dive back into the quirky, action-packed adventures of Gex the Gecko.

Limited Run Games is renowned for its dedication to preserving and celebrating classic video games. Specializing in limited physical releases of digital titles, they have carved out a niche for themselves in the gaming industry. Their commitment to quality and nostalgia has endeared them to gamers who appreciate the tactile joy of physical game collections. The announcement of the Gex Trilogy aligns perfectly with their mission to bring beloved retro games to contemporary platforms, ensuring that these classics are not lost to time.


The Announcement of the Gex Trilogy

The announcement of the Gex Trilogy was met with enthusiastic responses from the gaming community. Limited Run Games revealed the news with an exciting trailer, showcasing the vibrant worlds and witty humor that Gex fans remember so fondly. This collection includes the original Gex game, along with its sequels Gex: Enter The Gecko and Gex: Deep Cover Gecko. Each game has been meticulously ported to ensure compatibility with modern consoles, providing both a nostalgic trip for longtime fans and an accessible entry point for new players.

Detailed Look at Gex

Gex, the first game in the trilogy, introduced players to the wisecracking gecko with a penchant for television. The game’s storyline follows Gex as he navigates through various TV-themed levels, battling enemies and collecting remote controls. The gameplay is a mix of platforming and exploration, with each level designed to parody different TV genres, from horror to cartoons.

Original Release and Reception

Released in 1995, Gex quickly became a hit due to its unique premise, engaging gameplay, and humorous writing. Critics praised the game’s level design and the character of Gex, voiced by comedian Dana Gould. The success of Gex paved the way for its sequels, cementing its place in gaming history.

Detailed Look at Gex: Enter The Gecko

Gex: Enter The Gecko, the second game in the series, took the gecko’s adventures into 3D. Released in 1998, this game expanded on the original’s formula with more complex levels and a greater variety of environments. Gex’s mission is to defeat the evil Rez, navigating through levels that parody popular movies and TV shows. The gameplay features a mix of platforming, puzzle-solving, and combat, with Gex’s signature humor adding charm to the experience.

Original Release and Reception

Gex: Enter The Gecko was well-received for its leap into 3D, offering a fresh take on the character and gameplay. Critics appreciated the game’s humor, level design, and the increased freedom of movement afforded by the 3D environment. The game’s success solidified Gex’s status as a beloved gaming mascot of the late 90s.

Detailed Look at Gex: Deep Cover Gecko

The final game in the trilogy, Gex: Deep Cover Gecko, continued the gecko’s 3D adventures. Released in 1999, this game saw Gex taking on a variety of spy-themed missions, each filled with the same wit and charm fans had come to expect. The gameplay built on the foundations of its predecessor, offering more refined controls, diverse levels, and engaging boss battles.

Original Release and Reception

Gex: Deep Cover Gecko received positive reviews for its polished gameplay and entertaining storyline. The game’s humor, level variety, and voice acting were highlights, making it a fitting conclusion to the original trilogy. Despite the changing landscape of gaming at the time, Gex: Deep Cover Gecko managed to stand out and leave a lasting impression on its fans.

Modern Console Ports

The Gex Trilogy’s port to modern consoles comes with several enhancements to ensure a smooth and visually appealing experience. While maintaining the charm and aesthetic of the original games, the remastered versions feature upgraded graphics that take advantage of contemporary hardware capabilities. This blend of old and new is designed to captivate both longtime fans and new players alike.

Console Compatibility

The Gex Trilogy will be available on a range of modern consoles, including the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox. This broad compatibility ensures that as many players as possible can enjoy the games. The developers have worked hard to optimize the trilogy for each platform, ensuring that controls and performance meet modern standards.

Gex Trilogy on the Switch

The Nintendo Switch version of the Gex Trilogy brings with it several unique features that take advantage of the console’s capabilities. Players can enjoy the games in both handheld and docked modes, with the Switch’s portability adding a new dimension to the experience. Additionally, the Joy-Con controllers offer versatile control options, enhancing the gameplay experience.

Pre-orders for the Gex Trilogy are set to open in Fall 2024. Gamers will be able to secure their copies through various online retailers and the Limited Run Games website. The exact release date has yet to be confirmed, but the anticipation is building as the pre-order date approaches.

Expected Availability

Given the nostalgic appeal and the popularity of the Gex series, it’s expected that the Gex Trilogy will see strong pre-order numbers. Limited Run Games is known for their limited physical releases, so those interested in a physical copy should act quickly once pre-orders open to ensure they don’t miss out.

Nostalgia and Retro Gaming

The resurgence of interest in retro gaming is a testament to the enduring appeal of classic games like Gex. These games offer a window into the past, showcasing the creativity and innovation of earlier gaming eras. For many, playing these games is a nostalgic journey, evoking memories of simpler times and the joy of discovery.

Gex’s Place in Gaming History

Gex holds a special place in gaming history as one of the more memorable mascots of the 90s. The series’ unique blend of humor, engaging gameplay, and pop culture references set it apart from other games of its time. Revisiting Gex’s adventures offers both a nostalgic trip for longtime fans and a glimpse into the gaming landscape of the past for newer players.

Anticipation and Community Excitement

The announcement of the Gex Trilogy has generated significant excitement within the gaming community. Fans of the original games are thrilled at the prospect of revisiting Gex’s adventures, while newer gamers are curious to see what the buzz is about. Social media is abuzz with discussions, fan art, and memories shared by the community.

Potential Market Impact

The release of the Gex Trilogy could have a notable impact on the market, particularly within the niche of retro game remakes. As interest in nostalgic gaming continues to grow, the success of the Gex Trilogy could pave the way for other classic games to receive similar treatment. This trend highlights the lasting appeal of retro games and their potential to reach new audiences.


The Gex Trilogy’s upcoming release by Limited Run Games is a thrilling development for fans of the classic series and retro gaming enthusiasts. With enhanced graphics, modern console compatibility, and the beloved humor and gameplay intact, this collection promises to bring Gex’s adventures to a new generation. As pre-orders open in Fall 2024, the anticipation and excitement continue to build, cementing Gex’s place in the pantheon of classic video game characters.

  • When will the Gex Trilogy be released?
    • The exact release date has not been confirmed, but pre-orders will open in Fall 2024.
  • Which consoles will the Gex Trilogy be available on?
    • The trilogy will be available on modern consoles, including the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.
  • Will the Gex Trilogy have enhanced graphics?
    • Yes, the games will feature upgraded graphics to take advantage of modern hardware capabilities.
  • Can I pre-order a physical copy of the Gex Trilogy?
    • Yes, physical copies will be available for pre-order through various online retailers and the Limited Run Games website.
  • What is the Gex Trilogy about?
    • The Gex Trilogy includes Gex, Gex: Enter The Gecko, and Gex: Deep Cover Gecko, following the adventures of a wisecracking gecko through various TV and movie-themed levels.