Ghost Trick Phantom Detective coming Summer 2023

Ghost Trick Phantom Detective coming Summer 2023

It was confirmed at the Nintendo Direct that Capcom would be introducing Ghost Trick Phantom Detective to the Nintendo Switch.


About Ghost Trick Phantom Detective

The game was first made available to the public in 2011, and it puts players in control of Sissel, a ghost who has the ability to halt time and move objects by possessing them. Sissel’s objective in the game is to solve the mystery surrounding his own death while simultaneously preventing the deaths of those around him. It is anticipated that it would debut on Switch in the summer of 2023, with enhanced visuals.

A murder is the starting point for this one-night mystery, which is now presented in high definition.

The superb adventure-mystery game that challenges you to solve puzzles is back!

The Ace Attorney series was developed by Shu Takumi, who is also responsible for the creation of “Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective,” which is now available as a highly-requested HD remake of the game’s first release in 2010!

The well-known musician Yasumasa Kitagawa, who was responsible for composing the score for “The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles,” has released a remastered version of the original soundtrack that is 1:1 with the game. The player has the option of listening to either the original or the remastered version of the soundtrack.

In addition to this, brand new supplementary elements have been included, such as the “Illustrations” and “Music” functions. Tonight, we make our triumphant return from the grave!

Brief Outline of the Plot

A black night. One gunshot takes our main character’s life, and it happens in a secluded part of the town.

When he comes to as a ghost, he discovers that he has lost his life and all of his memories along with it.

“Just who am I?

Why did they take my life?

Who put an end to me?

…And what exactly does it imply for these “Powers of the Dead” that have been bestowed upon me?”

His soul will leave this world in the morning of tomorrow.

An original adventure of searching for cryptic clues has already started!

A solitary female investigator who seems to have observed the crime is the first of these hints…