Harmony’s Odyssey update + patch notes

Harmony’s Odyssey update + patch notes

The Nintendo Switch version of Harmony’s Odyssey has received a new update, which is now available. The update will introduce new puzzles, as well as new dioramas and a function called Detective Mummy. In addition to this, there have been general enhancements made to the game’s performance, controls, aesthetics, and other aspects.

Update patch notes

  • Content
    • New puzzles in the form of 3D dioramas have been added to the collection.
    • New levels for the Mini Game: There are now two more Detective Mummy levels.
    • New 2D puzzles have been added, totaling one.
  • Improvements
    • Corrections were made to the previews of several Arcade Mode levels, where unique material colors were absent.
    • Several potential artifacts on the preview item have been fixed in the Detective Mummy minigames.
    • Enhanced support for a wider variety of gamepads under Harmony’s Home interface
    • In the minigames Detective Mummy and Bulls Football, the sensitivity of the gamepad has been improved.
    • During the Detective Mummy minigames, performance issues that might cause occasional stuttering have been fixed.
    • The camera work has been improved to solve the issue where clouds might sometimes hide sections of the dioramas in 3D puzzles.

About Journey of Harmony

The fantasy adventure puzzle game Harmony’s Odyssey is a 3D experience that takes place on mythological dioramas and is full with mysteries, cheery animals, and magic. Embark on a wonderful voyage across distant countries of legend that have been messed up by a boisterous cat in order to bring harmony to the people who live there.

Embark on an exciting journey through mystical regions that are shown as vibrant and intricate dioramas and are packed with a variety of fascinating gaming elements and mechanisms. Each diorama is diversified, distinct and depicts micro worlds – biomes. Are you up to the challenge of unraveling the enigma that surrounds the suburbs? Or outperform the club that is playing in their own stadium?

You’ll get to know some wondrous creatures that are full of wonder and curiosity, and you’ll get a glimpse into their everyday lives, which are full of comedy and drama. In this world, fairy tales and urban legends are spread via smartphones, and even a dragon can get caught in traffic from time to time. A group of three penguins with the intention of taking some self-portraits. Are the Minotaurs getting set for yet another round of Bull Football? Learn more about them and bring their separate worlds together, piece by piece, as you interact with them.

Discoveries await you at every turn as you make your way through the many Olympus dioramas. You will come across a variety of entertaining side diversions, such as different puzzle challenges and minigames, as you go through the story. One of the methods to navigate through these fantastical regions is by deciphering tiles, and a game of the classic board game “Dragonmice Dungeons” seems like it would be a lot of fun to play.


  • Over one hundred 360-degree puzzles featuring mystical beings and fantastical animals
  • 8 unique ecosystems that need to be explored, organized, and finished.
  • There are seven different sorts of fun minigames to play.
  • Gameplay mechanisms that are difficult yet not inaccessible
  • Unlockable magical gems that will make your experience even better.
  • Cozy and laid-back ambiance to assist you in unwinding and relaxing.

The video game Harmony’s Odyssey may be downloaded from the eShop for the Nintendo Switch right now. The patch is now available for download at no additional cost to any player at any time.