Haven – version 1.1.302 patch notes

Haven – version 1.1.302 patch notes

Haven has received its most recent update on Nintendo Switch, with version 1.1.302 released by The Game Bakers. It largely consists of several fixes.

Version 1.1.302 patch notes

  • Yu’s voice loudness was adjusted.
  • In various dialogs, minor pronoun inconsistencies were fixed.
  • The couples selection screen now works properly.
  • Yu’s words when he discovers the reactor now doesn’t repeat itself.
  • In various dialogs, minor pronoun inconsistencies were fixed.
  • In various dialogs, voice inconsistencies was fixed.
  • Before continue the journey, players must battle the Bigafurai.

On Nintendo Switch, the new Haven 1.1.302 update is now available to all players.

About Haven

Yu and Kay have fled to an unknown world, abandoning all they know. Play as the two lovers as they adjust to their new surroundings.

Glide over the shattered planes in search of components and materials to repair your spacecraft and turn it into a comfortable residence. Cooking meals, creating, and gathering valuable materials to get through the day as a relatable pair is a great way to pass the time.

Fight back against those who are attempting to rip you apart by synchronizing battle moves, establishing the correct time and rhythm, and managing both characters while fighting to keep them and their romance alive.

Features to look for:

  • Play two characters at once while exploring a fractured world, fighting off foes, or strengthening your love.
  • Decide what’s worth sacrificing in order to remain together, and if you’re prepared to sacrifice everything else for love.
  • Explore this lovely planet and reveal hidden locations by gliding over the grass, gathering flow, and cleaning the rust.
  • Get to know the planet’s inhabitants, both allies and opponents.
  • Fight in real time as the two characters, focusing on tactical awareness and timing.
  • Immerse yourself in a romantic space adventure about two loves who are fighting against all obstacles to remain together.
  • Play a realistic pair in an intimate relationship who is mature and funny.
  • Easy to play, accessible, a welcome break from a hectic day, a game that will make you grin
  • A solitary game that can also be played with a friend or romantic partner: in local co-op, a second player may join or leave at any moment to enjoy the journey.
  • The game’s emotional impact is enhanced by the game’s original soundtrack by famous electro musician DANGER.