Heart and Slash is coming!

Heart and Slash is coming!

Last year Heart and Slash came out for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Badland Games has announced that soon there will be a version coming to Nintendo Switch.

The roguelike fighting game next month will be available in the Nintendo eShop Switch.

In Heart and Slash you play as Heart, who wants to  impress Slash. To do this you must defeat as many opponents as possible. This can be done in different ways, because the game contains 75 different weapons and you can also use special abilities like stopping time (we’ve seen this before … cough cough Viewtiful Joe … now that we think of that Capcom … blow some new life into that please!).

All levels are randomly generated and if you are beaten, you can start all over again. All in all this is of course quite a good challenge!



Small footnote; The footage is not of the Switch version, but given the visuals this should not deviate too much.