Hideki Kamiya; Bayonetta 3 + Nintendo involvement

Hideki Kamiya; Bayonetta 3 + Nintendo involvement

“I’ve got something I want to tell you all. It’s about Bayonetta 3.”

Hideki Kamiya from PlatinumGames posted a number of posts on Twitter about Bayonetta and Nintendo’s involvement in the series. Kamiya was director of the first game, participated in the second part and will also be involved in the upcoming third title.

In his tweets you can read that Bayonetta 2 started as a project for multiple platforms. At that time the game was made in collaboration with SEGA. Bayonetta 2, however, was put in the fridge by the then “state of affairs” at SEGA, after which Nintendo finally joined the project.

This allowed PlatinumGames Bayonetta 2 to finish and the rights of the game to lie with both SEGA and Nintendo. Kamiya noted that Nintendo allowed the Japanese voice-over of Bayonetta 1, which was exclusively available in the Wii U version, to be used in the later PC version of the game.

Bayonetta 3

Eventually Kamiya also went into Bayonetta 3. It was always the plan to allow Nintendo to finance the development of the game.

Now that both SEGA and Nintendo have the rights of the game, it was naturally decided that Bayonetta 3 would appear exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Kamiya states that it “took a while before the production of Bayonetta 3 was approved”. Here he added that PlatinumGames and he “will do everything they can to make [Bayonetta 3] as good as possible”.

Well since part 1 + 2 will be available for the Nintendo Switch today, we can not add anything more than we are already waiting for part 3.