Hollow Knight Gods & Glory DLC reminder – August 23rd

Hollow Knight Gods & Glory DLC reminder – August 23rd

Hollow Knight is one of the success stories of crowdfunding. In 2014, this game started a campaign on Kickstarter. After it became a huge success there, the game appeared for PC and Mac three years later.

There too it became a hit and so a console version could not fail. The Nintendo Switch version appeared during the E3 Nintendo Direct and included all the previously released DLC, such as Hidden Dreams, The Grimm Troupe and Lifeblood.


Gods & Glory

Team Cherry, the developers of Hollow Knight, were not finished with their game yet. This month the last and largest free DLC package will appear with the title “Gods & Glory”.

In this we get new enemies, new music, new (non-playable) characters and new assignments to fulfill. The best thing about this is that this package will be available for free to anyone who owns Hollow Knight.

To celebrate the launch of this long-awaited final package, the developers have already released a trailer. In it you can see in a few short fragments what you can expect as a player of this Gods & Glory update.


Final content Hollow Knight?

Now you would think that this is the last piece of content for Hollow Knight but nothing is less true. Hornet is going to get a complete campaign next year. Because this is such a big piece to develop, this content release simply takes longer and will not be free compared to the other DLC packs.

That it is not going to be free is also completely fine, do not forget that Hollow Knight on the Nintendo Switch still only costs 15 euros. For the caliber of game that it is, that is simply unprecedented. If you just look at the art style, the dlc, the music, the level of difficulty and the length, then pound-for-pound Hollow Knight remains the best indie title on the Nintendo Switch in our opinion.

Simply stated; we love Hollow Knight and therefore Team Cherry!