Hollow Knight: Silksong Physical Version Amazon listing

Hollow Knight: Silksong Physical Version Amazon listing

While Hollow Knight: Silksong is still some time away from release, fans may be wondering whether the game will have a physical release.

Thanks to a strange new listing on Amazon Mexico, that possibility might not be so far off after all.


Silksong physical

Apparently, the online retailer recently put up ‘Hollow Knight: Silksong – Standard Edition‘ for sale at 1,599 pesos (about $80 USD). Of course, it’s really bizarre that this listing even exists – especially since Team Cherry never announced such a thing before, and no other retailer has done likewise.

A number of mistakes could be present here. Perhaps Amazon Mexico might be mixing the game up with the original Hollow Knight physical release by Fangamer. Alternatively, Amazon Mexico might simply be working off what they know from the game’s featured at E3 2019.

Overall, there’s no way to confirm if this listing is genuine or not. We’ll report back if Team Cherry makes any clarifying statements on the matter.