Joy-Con Touch Pen Attachment Patent

Joy-Con Touch Pen Attachment Patent

Nintendo filed for a new patent with the Japanese intellectual property office. The patent is for a touch pen attachment for the Joy-Con.

This attachment resembles a Joy-Con Strap with a nib on top of it.

Patent details

First of keep in mind that not all patents end up turning into official products.

But according to the patent files, what you can do with the attachment is basically draw or write stuff on the Nintendo Switch touch screen. You could even adjust the thickness of the stroke by pressing a button. There are also other applications. For example, if the nib touches an object in the game, the Joy-Con will vibrate.

Will this patent become a reality and if so what will it mean for games?
Personally the lack of stylus needing games, besides for Super Mario Maker 2 and Brain Training  give me the feeling this would be a bit overkill really.