Kirby and the Forgotten Land – All copy abilities and evolutions

Kirby and the Forgotten Land – All copy abilities and evolutions

Kirby And The Forgotten Land, like many recent Kirby games, has Kirby’s distinctive ability to copy opponent capabilities by inhaling them, as well as a novel feature that allows players to “evolve” copy abilities into new forms by upgrading them.

Some players have already discovered all of the accessible copy skills in the game, as well as their evolutions, after the game’s official release. Readers interested in learning more about these powers and evolutions may do so following the spoiler warning below:

Kirby And The Forgotten Land has a total of 12 basic Copy Abilities, two of which are totally new to the series (Drill and Ranger). Each copy ability has two evolutions, with the exception of Crash and Sleep, which only have one. Sword and Hammer each have distinct evolutions, increasing their total to three.

Beardbear has a video showing all the skills and evolutions in action;


All Copy Abilities And Evolutions

  • Bomb
    • Chain Bomb
    • Homing Bomb
  • Crash
    • Time Crash
  • Cutter
    • Chakram Cutter
    • Buzz-Saw Cutter
  • Drill
    • Pencil Drill
    • Twin Drill
  • Fire
    • Volcano Fire
    • Dragon Fire
  • Hammer
    • Toy Hammer
    • Wild Hammer
    • Masked Hammer
  • Ice
    • Frosty Ice
    • Blizzard Ice
  • Needle
    • Clutter Needle
    • Crystal Needle
  • Ranger
    • Noble Ranger
    • Space Ranger
  • Sleep
    • Deep Sleep
  • Sword
    • Gigant Sword
    • Meta Knight Sword
    • Morpho Knight sword
  • Tornado
    • Fleur Tornado
    • Storm Tornado