Launch trailer Gunman Clive HD Collection

Launch trailer Gunman Clive HD Collection

To celebrate that this month the HD collection of Gunman Clive appears, a launch trailer has appeared from the game.


About Gunman Clive HD Collection

In the year 18XX the West is flooded with villains and crooks. A group of bandits has kidnapped Johnson’s daughter Johnson and is spreading across the country. Gunman Clive has to save the girl and create order in the West, and then end the fight in Gunman Clive 2. His fight against the bandits takes him everywhere in the world and beyond.

Jump and shoot your way through various and challenging levels and fight against huge bosses. Gunman Clive is an old-school side-scrolling action platform game in the old West. Bring out your inner cowboy and get ready for a real firearm action.

Gunman Clive HD Collection will appear on January 17, 2019. Maker Bertil Hörberg announced last month that this collection is coming to the Nintendo Switch.