Layer Section & Galactic Attack S-Tribute announced

Layer Section & Galactic Attack S-Tribute announced

Layer Section & Galactic Attack S-Tribute, an enhanced version of the legendary arcade shoot ’em up first published in 1995, has been revealed by Taito. It will be available on Nintendo Switch later this month.

Layer Section is the home console version of the SEGA Saturn arcade game RayForce. Galactic Attack enters the picture since it is the international version of Layer Section.


About Layer Section & Galactic Attack S-Tribute 

New features such as rewind, Slow Mode, online rankings, and more are in the works.


Players take control of X-RAY, a mobile weapon outfitted with lock-on lasers, and fight the Con-Human system for the sake of humanity’s survival.

You may also play Galactic Attack, Layer Section’s foreign release.

In this title, you may listen to the upgraded BGM of the home console game in stereo sound.

The reworked main themes are noticeably different from their arcade counterparts!

There are new handy features such as game rewind, slow mode, and fast save.

In the new online ranking mode, you may compare your results to those of others!

Lasers that lock on

Lock-on lasers, the game’s core feature, enabling you to strike adversaries on the ground or in low orbit.

Lock on to foes with your unit’s cross hairs and fire lasers at them all at once.

At the same time, you may target up to 8 troops. For a better score, destroy many foes at the same time.

Destroy 8 foes at the same time for a 128x multiplier!

To get greater points, make full use of lock-on lasers!

Features and Options That Are Beneficial

Rewind: Rewind gameplay by a certain length of time and resume.

Slow Mode: With a single button push, you can slow down the game’s speed.

Quick Save/Load: Save the current game state at any time. There are up to three seats available.

Stage Selection: Select your favorite levels and play them with your preferred settings.

Rapid-Fire Settings Have Been Expanded: Rapid-firing may now be done at a quicker rate than the original home console version (15/second -> 30/second).

Coin Credits: Insert up to 99 credits and play at your leisure without worrying about running out of credits.

Change Level Increase Settings: Play at a constant minimum or maximum difficulty, with the difficulty increasing when specified circumstances are satisfied.

Orientation of the screen: Arcade mode. Designed with a portrait screen orientation in mind.

Scan Lines: Simulates the old-school CRT monitor display.

Online Ranking: In the options, switch to the online ranking mode to put your score into the online leaderboards and see how you compare to others.


During the Saturn period, City Connection created and developed reprints of classics using the Zebra Engine.

Play a range of games with new features and enhanced controls.

Layer Section & Galactic Attack S-Tribute will be available on the Nintendo Switch eShop on April 28, 2022.